Transform your skin with live probiotics

LaFlore® creates healthy, vibrant skin at the most profound level possible - your skin's individual microbiome. Our patent-pending formulas deliver triphase multibiotics and time released botanical actives to help create glowing, radiant skin.

Start a wellness cascade

Skin imbalances such as breakouts, redness, irritation, sensitivity and premature signs of aging are most often the result of chronic stress in the skin.

LaFlore®’s live probiotic formulas effortlessly neutralize external skin stressors by boosting the skin’s natural ability to protect and regenerate itself.

The result? Healthy, peaceful, radiant skin.

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When we say clean, we mean it

We’ve taken a mindful approach to the way we formulate and made your health and the health of the planet our prime directive. You can sleep easy knowing LaFlore is made with both cutting-edge biotechnology and positive intention.


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LaFlore Life

Healthy from the inside out means mind and spirit as well as body. We’re living life with one daily goal – enjoying every moment as it comes with joy, humor and a little bit of love. Won’t you join us?

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Our 3-Step Ritual

LaFlore®’s unique time-released live probiotic formulas intuitively address a wide range of skin concerns in three simple steps. Spend less time on your skincare routine and more time living your life.

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Three Steps to Holistically Healthy Skin

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