Why Probiotics for the Skin?

” The American Academy of Dermatology have dubbed probiotics as the new beauty breakthrough, optimizing skin’s natural barrier function as well as addressing acne and rosacea.”

The fact is, your skin’s flora is full of good bacteria

We developed a patent-pending probiotic technology that enhances skin microbiome (good bacteria) and helps your skin function properly – on its own as it is meant to be. LaFlore™ gets to the root of the issue and targets skin dysfunction at its core all the while acting as a barrier to fight the effects of anything that might threaten your skin health.

Propriety Probiotic Technology

The research and development team at Dakota Biotech has formulated a patent pending topical probiotic technology that represents a leading scientific breakthrough. Our highly effective proprietary probiotic technology is a result of years of research and leads the industry in this new biotechnology

Understanding the importance of probiotics to skin health and wellness, our scientists have developed a proprietary technology which perfects the delicate process of infusing our products with probiotics that remain active and effective over time. Our unique formulation also ensures the probiotics are activated when applied to the skin, offering an exceptionally effective delivery system.

LaFlore’s ingredients allow the skin to breath and function at optimal levels, improving flow and helping your cells turn over on their own, resulting in collagen and elastin synthesis for skin renewal and improved natural barrier functions. Naturally.

Nourish your skin

Whether your skin suffers from issues (acne, dullness, fine lines) or not, LaFlore products – LaFlore™ Probiotic Cleanser, LaFlore™ Probiotic Daily Defense Moisturizer and LaFlore™ Serum Concentrate – are carefully formulated using an abundance of “super foods” ingredients that provide skin the nourishment it needs -day and night.

Your skin is a smart organ – it knows what it needs and as long as nutrients are available, it will use it…. we made sure of that.

All LaFlore Probiotic Skin Health System contain micronutrients, vitamins, minerals and various strains of probiotics that work together to penetrate skin at the cellular level, help strengthen the skin’s immune system and restore it to an overall state of wellness.

LaFlore’s ingredients allow skin to breath again by increasing cellular oxygenation. When skin is functioning at optimal levels, collagen and elastin synthesis occur, and skin renewal and barrier functions are improved.

Powered by Nature 

Using advanced science and the latest in biotechnologies, we are committed to harnessing the power of nature to create skin care products that are naturally healthy, earth-friendly and inspire beautiful results. LaFlore™ gets to the root of the issue with a combination of clinical strength biomolecules, active probiotics, and a synergistic blend of plant based ingredients — each one with a unique purpose and working together to re-educate skin to function properly on it’s own. The best part, these results are sustainable because when skin flora is restored it is permanently healthy.

We carefully select the finest ingredients procured from the source of origin at peak season.

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