Customers are Loving LaFlore!

Firmer Skin

“After 3 weeks of using LaFlore, my currently healthy skin became even healthier! Small imperfections smoothed out, it became dewy and the skin on my face and neck became firmer…firmer!! As a master Esthetician, I found LaFlore easy and simple to use, enjoyable to the senses and amazingly effective.”

Melody Murray
Master Esthetician & Owner, Take Me Back Skincare

Cleared up Acne

“After using the products my skin has completely changed. I’ve used everything made for acne and always have similar results, skin was clearer but there would always be one or two breakouts. Now I’m 100% clear and it’s stays clear. I also have photos! I will be buying forever and I’ve already told a ton of my clients about it and they want it now. LaFlore is my new forever product.”

Kristina Walsh
Master Esthetician, Carmel Valley Ranch

Skin appeared younger and brighter

“LaFlore Probiotic Skincare leaves your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Utilizing a myriad of natural resources LaFlore cleanses and moisturizes in a unique and innovative system. I found that my skin appeared younger and brighter after a week with lasting results.”

David Nepsky
Spa Supervisor, The Spa at The Peaks Resort
Telluride, Colorado

I started using LaFlore about a month ago. I rarely switch from my true and trusted skincare, but I will be making a shift. I love the way it makes my skin feel and the fact that it’s good for my skin is an added bonus. Being in my late 40’s my skincare routine is important to me, but I also have a busy schedule. The fact that its only 3 steps is perfect for my lifestyle.

Carol Stratford

President, Strat-Comm Group

My experience with LaFlore products was not initially positive. Being all natural, it was just not what I was accustom to. I really didn’t see much difference in my skin. Then BAM week 4! I saw and felt a difference. Softer, tighter, brighter and I swear I have less chin hair to tweeze!

Jackie Civito

Aesthetician & Make Up Artist, Sam Martirano Salon & Spa

Just as the digestive systems benefit from a healthy balance of bacteria, our skin can directly benefit from probiotic potency. The immediate effect of this skincare trio is calmed and soothed skin – and with longer use, my skin became less reactive and sensitive.

Gina Bolton

Director of Spa & Retail Operations

I like that the La Flore products are free of toxins and uses all natural ingredients. My face feels soft and I have a natural glow after using the products.


I am thrilled with the results that I have felt and seen while using LaFlore. My skin feels and looks lighter, brighter and more balanced. I love the consistency of the products and my skin does too…no oily or greasy feeling ever! Simply clean, fresh and moisturized skin.

Angie Shireman

Owner, Good Vibe Tribe Jewelry

I have been using LaFlore for several months. In the beginning it was a little hard to get used to the scent of the products, being that there are no artificial or synthetic ingredients that I was used to experiencing in other products. But, after a couple weeks of use, my skin felt softer, more hydrated and had an improved appearance. The products do what they promise. The fact that there are only three steps and LaFlore is easy to use, is a definite bonus!

Sue Rassett


I’m all about skin care products that promote beautiful skin by making it healthy skin. It is important to me that anything I put on my skin is free of synthetic ingredients and toxic ingredients. I like using probiotics on my skin and all the other incredible ingredients in the LaFlore products. I feel the products have worked great on my sensitive skin. I highly recommend them.

Ruth Paradise

Esthetician and Massage Therapist for over 30 years, Cavallo Healing Arts Center and Spa

It was love at first wash with LaFlore. The refreshing sensation of the cleanser left my skin feeling super clean, but not stripped and the lightweight, airy feel of both the Serum and Moisturizer are just what my skin needs. The soothing scents of all the products are plus, as is the fact that I’ve noticed a more even skin tone in a short amount of time!


My sister visited last weekend after not seeing me for several weeks. She kept mentioning my skin, saying that it had never looked so amazing. She repeated this a few times over the weekend. Then, my brutally honest sister said, “Are you forgetting about your neck and décolletage because it looks like entirely different skin.” Thank you, LaFlore!!

Lynn Welly

Independent Wellness Consultant

1. I’ve had what they refer to as orange peel texture of my chin due to eating lots of sugar when I was younger. I’m amazed at how great LaFlore improved the texture of my chin and there is a brightness to my skin that I have never had before. Previous laser treatments didn’t even improve my skin as well as this product has. LaFlore is incredible!
2. I’ve been dealing with hormonal cystic breakouts and they can remain under my skin for months unless I get a laser treatment or injection. I had one develop before I started using LaFlore and, literally, in just two days after starting the product the cystic breakout was gone! I couldn’t be more thrilled.
3. Being hispanic, I get pigmentation after I have a blemish and LaFlore has helped to lighten the pigmentation faster than any other lightening product that I had used for several months. I saw the pigmentation lighten my skin within just a couple of weeks!
4. I knew that LaFlore was improving my skin but, I didn’t realize how much it changed it until i saw pictures. Even my husband commented on how much firmer my skin was and he doesn’t notice much!

Tricia Perez

1. As a consumer who scrupulously researches every product before usage, I was impressed with your literature. Learning that LaFlore is 100% natural, with plant-based, organic, toxin and bleach-free ingredients committed me to the focus group. Within the first week of using the regimen, I became LaFlore’s #1 Loyal Customer and Fan!
2. All of the products I tested – the cleanser, moisturizer and serum- have far exceeded my expectations. With LaFlore, women can now enjoy effective results with having to “pay the price” of applying chemicals and toxins to their skin.
3. The cleanser is light and leaves a clean, refreshing feeling with no drying effects and a softened appearance. The moisturizer and serum have evened my complexion and softened my skin, all with natural products and no greasy residue. The result is a more luminous, even toned complexion. The products are all doing what they are supposed to do – improve my skins’ appearance, suppleness and overall health – all while utilizing natural ingredients.
4. The application is flawless, clean and light, and the results speak for themselves. I am thrilled with the fact that a plant-based, probiotic enriched product which actually delivers fantastic results without harmful chemicals, is finally available and is so well researched and formulated.

Michelle Klein

The Philadelphia Contributionship

As someone who was obsessed with Tata Harper products, I was skeptical about switching to another line. But, after mere weeks of using LaFlore, my skin looked the brightest and clearest it’s ever been! My skin tone has evened out, and looks almost illuminated when using the 3-Step Routine. The serum is a great spot-treatment for scars and breakouts, and clears up any problem areas super quickly. The best part? It’s even minimized the dark circles under my eyes – a totally unexpected bonus!

Taylor Downs

Digital Marketing Specialist (Age 24 yrs.)

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