Skin Microbiome



Human Microbiome among the“Top 10 Emerging Technologies” at the 2014 World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council


With the Human Microbiome named among the“Top 10 Emerging Technologies” at the 2014 World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council, science now recognizes that the Microbiome, the human ecosystem of microbes that live on and in our bodies, is essential to our survival.

Recent advances in microbiome technologies reflect an unprecedented development of new treatments for serious diseases and have improved general healthcare outcomes. The skin microbiome, which is our first line of defense, is primarily made up of bacteria which are good for your body and keep your skin youthful, moisturized and protected against infection.

Most current skin care products, cosmetics and soaps can damage your skin microbiome. In addition, there is a growing and sustainable lifestyle movement in health and wellness that is having a tremendous effect on the medical and beauty industries. Anti-aging technologies that are natural, organic, eco-friendly and toxin free are a world-wide trend and in high demand.