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LaFlore®’s patent-pending triphase mulitibiotic technology diminishes breakouts, reduces redness and irritation and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

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  1. lisa g. (verified owner)

    Best products EVER!

  2. Janice S. (verified owner)

    The discovery set is perfect for travel as it fits neatly in my gym bag so I’m able to quickly cleanse and remosituruze after a workout. The product itself is amazingly spa-like. As I’ve told my friends, it smells and feels like the products they use when you get a facial. The value is also very affordable as a little bit will go a long way. I purchased my discovery set almost a month ago and there is still a lot of product left (and I use it on average twice a day). The tone of my skin has evened out a lot with a lot less blotchiness/dry spots. Can’t wait to see what other products LaFlore comes out with but this is my new go-to daily product.

  3. Kera (verified owner)

    Great to try out the system.

  4. Kera (verified owner)

    I am loving La Flore. I have seen a great improvement in my hormonal acne. I recommend this product to everyone. This set although small lasts a very long time.

  5. Linda W. (verified owner)

    I saw a difference within the week.

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Melody Murray

Master Esthetician & OwnerTake Me Back Skincare

“LaFlore Probiotic Skincare leaves your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Utilizing a myriad of natural resources, LaFlore cleanses and moisturizes with a unique and innovative system. I found that my skin appeared younger and brighter after a week with lasting results.”

Melody Murray
Tricia Perez

Tricia Perez

Master Esthetician

“I’ve been dealing with hormonal cystic breakouts, with cysts remaining under my skin for months unless I get a laser treatment or injections. I had one such breakout develop before I started using LaFlore.  In just two days after starting the product the cystic breakout was gone!  I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

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