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LaFlore®’s patent-pending triphase mulitibiotic technology diminishes breakouts, reduces redness and irritation and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

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  1. Shainawigg

    I have the discovery set and am almost completely finished with all 3 products. I specifically use these as probiotic boosters added to my current products.

    This moisturizer is incredible! I love how lightweight it is so adding it to whatever moisturizer I’m currently using worms perfectly for me. I will absolutely repurchase this moisturizer!

  2. Shainawigg

    I have the discovery set and am almost completely finished with all 3 products. I’ve used them as boosters to my current cleanser, hydrating serum and moisturizer.
    This serum is great! I like to add a pump or two to my current hydrating serum as a probiotic booster. My only gripe is the price. While I know probiotics are probably a bit more pricey ingredient-wise I’m not sure why it’s priced as high as it is. I feel like I can get the same probiotic benefits by using the cleanser and moisturizer as added boosters and do without the serum so for that reason I will not purchase the serum but I will absolutely purchase the cleanser and moisturizer.

    Let me add in, I have an enormous amount of products so I specifically use these products as PROBIOTIC BOOSTERS – I have other serums and productsrhat I use for all the other benefits I need and/or want. So I do think that this would be great for someone that isn’t using any other products in their routines.

  3. Shainawigg

    I have the discovery set and have been using the 3 products as boosters to my current cleanser, hydrating serum & moisturizer.

    This cleanser is an AMAZING probiotic booster to my current cleansers. I love he minty scent and invigorating & cooling sensation it gives my skin. I personally love to add a pump or two to my non-foaming cream cleanser in the mornings and let it sit for up to 5 minutes as a gentle exfoliating probiotic flash mask. My skin always looks so glowy afterwards. And this cleanser never strips my combo/dry & dehydrated skin at all. I will definitely repurchase this cleanser!

  4. Kerry (verified owner)

    Really made a difference with my rosacea! Ordering the full size set today 🙂

  5. Jillian (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this cleanser! It makes my skin feel silky and cleared up my acne too. Feels great to know some good things are going back into my skin. Also, amazing customer service. They added a free sample of moisturizer with my shipment which I will be buying from now on!

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Melody Murray

Master Esthetician & OwnerTake Me Back Skincare

“LaFlore Probiotic Skincare leaves your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Utilizing a myriad of natural resources, LaFlore cleanses and moisturizes with a unique and innovative system. I found that my skin appeared younger and brighter after a week with lasting results.”

Melody Murray
Tricia Perez

Tricia Perez

Master Esthetician

“I’ve been dealing with hormonal cystic breakouts, with cysts remaining under my skin for months unless I get a laser treatment or injections. I had one such breakout develop before I started using LaFlore.  In just two days after starting the product the cystic breakout was gone!  I couldn’t be more thrilled.”

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