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Why Triphase Multibiotic Technology Is The Key To Radiant Skin

Your skin is a biome, and it’s important to keep that biome balanced and healthy if you want to achieve fresh, glowing skin. LaFloreⓇ is a revolutionary new skin brand that is using probiotics to balance the bacteria on your skin, which prevents acne and other skin irritation issues. Many people think of bacteria as a bad thing, but they’re actually thousands of different types of bacteria, many of which are healthy for your skin. Other brands of skincare will completely strip the good bacteria from your skin, which will exacerbate any skin issues you are prone to.

In fact, LaFloreⓇ is using patent-pending technology that’s unlike anything else we’re seeing in skincare today – triphase multibiotic technology. Probiotics are compounds of the ‘good bacteria’ that our skin needs to thrive. This technology takes probiotics to the next level with a multi-step process that keeps your skin’s biome completely thriving and is poised to completely change the way we think about our skin. Here’s everything you need to know about this revolutionary new development in skincare.

Start With Prebiotics

LaFloreⓇ products contain prebiotics, which are nutrients that essentially fuel your probiotics to do their jobs. While prebiotics don’t necessarily do anything on their own, when used in conjunction with probiotics they will keep your skin looking naturally radiant and stunning. They fertilize the production of good bacteria, but won’t feed any harmful bacteria lingering on your skin.

Probiotics Keep Things Balanced

The star of the show with this technology is the probiotics, which are specifically formulated for healthy skin. The developers of LaFloreⓇ have done extensive research on the skin’s natural bacteria balance, so they’ve been able to identify which compounds and ingredients are going to be most effective for keeping your skin healthy in a more natural way. These probiotics work similarly to digestive probiotics but are specifically formulated for your face. LaFlore® is one of the first brands to use probiotics for skincare purposes.

Finish The Process With Postbiotics

The triphase multibiotic technology finishes up with postbiotics. These are natural molecules that reinforce the positive effects of the probiotics, such as peptides, enzymes, and organic acids. Each postbiotic molecule has been scientifically tested to work with the probiotics to keep your skin healthy even after you use the serum. If your skin is very dry or sensitive, it can particularly benefit from postbiotics. Using postbiotics directly after a facial or exfoliation treatment is also a great way to get things back to normal.

Every single aspect of LaFloreⓇ’s products is designed to keep your skin perfectly balanced. Fighting off acne, dry skin, wrinkles, and other skin conditions starts with a healthy biome, but it’s hard to achieve this if you are consistently using products that strip your skin of the bacteria it needs. With consistent use of LaFloreⓇ’s triphase multibiotic technology, you will find that your skin is naturally glowy and healthy, and you won’t need to use a huge product regimen to achieve the look you want.

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