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Why Everyone Should Be Taking a Vitamin D Supplement

Many people take vitamin supplements, but not everyone knows why vitamins are so important and what they do for your body. In particular, vitamin D is an essential nutrient that you should be taking if you aren’t already as it is a necessity when it comes to overall body function. Your body will produce vitamin D on its own when you are exposed to sunlight, and it also occurs naturally in many foods. However, in a culture where an increasing number of people live sedentary lifestyles, it’s difficult to get enough of this crucial vitamin without taking a supplement. Here’s exactly why vitamin D is so important and why you should add it to your routine, stat.

Vitamin D Boosts Your Mood

Scientists have found vitamin D receptors on parts of the brain that are associated with depression, meaning that when there is a lack of vitamin D in your system there is a decrease in the “happy hormones” such as serotonin and dopamine both of which affect brain function. You may have heard of the acronym SAD which stands for seasonal affective disorder, a mood disorder that typically occurs when there is a lack of sunlight during fall and winter. This means that a vitamin D supplement, especially during fall and winter, is essential to maintain a positive mood and optimal brain function.

Vitamin D Keeps Your Bones Strong

One of the most important reasons to be taking vitamin D is because it makes your bones strong. This is because vitamin D regulates the way calcium and other minerals are absorbed by the body. Without proper absorption of these important minerals, it’s very difficult to develop strong bones, particularly as you get older. Without vitamin D, you will run the risk of breaking bones more easily or even eventually developing osteoporosis. A vitamin D supplement helps to keep your body strong.

Vitamin D Prevents You From Getting Sick

Vitamin D is a major factor in maintaining a healthy immune system. In particular, studies have shown that it can prevent you from getting the flu, and it could even help you prevent heart disease in the long term. Taking a vitamin D supplement will help your body ward off the potential illnesses you might encounter from day to day, so you can feel better and be more productive.

Vitamin D Increases Fertility

If you are having a child soon or even thinking about having one, you should add a vitamin D supplement to your routine now. Vitamin D helps you maintain balanced hormone levels, so you are more likely to conceive (so long as the rest of your body is healthy enough). Vitamin D is also very important to healthy pregnancies. Women with balanced vitamin D levels are less likely to experience complications that could result in a C-section, and their babies are more likely to be strong and healthy.

Vitamin D Helps With Weight Loss

One of the most interesting benefits of taking vitamin D is that it can actually help you lose weight. While scientists are still studying this effect to find out exactly why it occurs, it has been shown that study participants who take vitamin D supplements are more likely to lose weight than those who don’t. This is because vitamin D might have appetite suppressing effects. When paired with a healthy diet and exercise, this supplement can augment weight loss results.

Vitamin D supplements are easy to find at your local pharmacy or health food store, and just taking one every day can have major health benefits that will last a lifetime. Don’t neglect this important vitamin in your daily routine.

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