Face Yoga, Facial Exercise

What is Face Yoga?

Face yoga is popping up all over the place these days, from GOOP to Good Housekeeping. Just type “Face Yoga” in your Amazon search bar, and you’ll find loads of books about how to do it and what it can do for you.

Face yoga is just that: exercises designed to tone and relax the 57 muscles in your face, scalp, and neck. (That’s a lot of muscles!) 

While a lot of people are nay-sayers, many experts are saying it works. A recent study done by dermatologists at Northwestern University showed that a facial yoga regimen could provide results- making skin look younger, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

We’ve done a little reading around and found lots of different “poses” for facial yoga. Here are five of the most simple:

1) The Smile Smoother-

This one is good for smoothing out sagging skin and lines on the cheeks:

  • First, pull the lips over the teeth, making an “O” with your mouth. 
  • Smile as wide as you can, keeping the teeth hidden. Do six repetitions. 
  • Hold that smile and put your index finger on the chin. Move your jaw up and down, tilting the head back gently. Relax, then repeat for two or three more repetitions.

2) The V

This one firms the eyelids reduces eye bags and puffiness around the eye and smooths crow’s feet.

  • Press both middle fingers together on the forehead and between the eyes, applying pressure to the inner edges of the eyebrows. Making a “V” press with the index fingers gently on the outer edges of the eyebrows. 
  • Look up and squint, raising your lower eyelids, then relax. 
  • Do six repetitions, then squeeze the eyes tightly shut for ten seconds. 

3) The Flirty Eyes

This pose is to help firm droopy eyebrows and raise sunken sockets:

  • Position your index fingers under each eye, pointing inward towards the nose.
  • Hide your teeth, and pull the top and bottom lips away from each other.
  • Look up, and flutter your eyelids for thirty seconds. 

4) Smoothing the Brow:

This pose is just as it suggests, it’s for smoothing horizontal lines on the forehead. 

  • Put both hands on your forehead, fingertips facing inwards. Spread out your fingers, tightening the skin between your hairline and eyebrows. 
  • Pull fingers gently across your forehead and apply light pressure outwards to tighten the skin on the brow.  
  • Relax, then repeat ten more times.

5) The Giraffe:

Smooths the lines and loose skin which develop on the neck with age. 

  • Look straight ahead and rest your fingertips on the bottom of the neck. Stroke downwards gently as you tilt your head back.  
  • Bow your head down to the chest. Repeat two more times. 

If practicing facial yoga in conjunction with using quality skin care products (of course, we recommend our line of LaFlore® Live Probiotic Skincare) can help keep us all out of the plastic surgeon’s office, we’re all for it! We hope this brief tutorial on facial yoga keeps your skin looking younger, firmer, and wrinkle-free. 

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