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What Are The Six Dimensions Of Wellness?

Are you trying to get healthy? It’s about so much more than just switching up your diet. Many different factors go into living a healthy lifestyle. The six dimensions of wellness are six critical areas of your overall health. If you are feeling unhealthy in one of these areas, it’s going to be challenging to be healthy overall. Here are the six dimensions of wellness and what’s so important about each of them.


When you think about overall wellness, this is most likely what comes to mind. Physical wellness means eating a balanced diet that nourishes you, as well as toning and strengthening your body with regular exercise. It also means getting a good night sleep, drinking enough water, and anything else that helps your body feel good and stay healthy. Your physical health is an essential base for other aspects of health.


Emotional wellness is just as essential as physical wellness, but unfortunately, it’s something we neglect sometimes. Emotional wellness does not necessarily mean just being happy. Instead, it means being aware of and in tune with our feelings and being able to communicate them effectively when necessary. It also means being able to acknowledge and deal with negative emotions appropriately.


Spiritual wellness means that you feel driven towards a purpose. This does not necessarily mean religion, although it can involve religion for many people. It’s mostly any connection with the metaphysical realm or feelings about the grand scheme of life that support you and make you feel good.


Learning shouldn’t stop just because you have left school, and intellectual wellness focuses on being on a continuous educational journey. It means being able to problem solve effectively, using your creativity, and being open to learning new things, even as you get older. Intellectual wellness is vital for your career as well as your hobbies.


The area around you can have an impact on your health, and environmental wellness means being somewhere where you feel safe and comfortable with your surroundings. It means avoiding toxins and dangers, and it also means developing a respectful relationship with the earth and with your community.


Social wellness is all about your relationships and how they make you feel. You should have a variety of different relationships in your life that enrich it and add to your overall well-being. You should be able to be yourself in these relationships and communicate your needs with them, and the other people in your life should also feel this way. Social wellness is about building a supportive community to enrich your experience.

All six dimensions of wellness are incredibly important and shouldn’t be neglected. If you’ve been feeling under the weather or ‘out of it’ lately, it might be worth examining your relationships with each dimension of wellness.

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