July Reads, Summer Reading List, Wellness Articles

Top Health And Wellness Articles (From July)

The world of health and wellness is always evolving, with new treatments and research helping us stay as healthy as possible. In July, there were several amazing articles in the health, wellness, and beauty niche that we loved. Here are the articles you should make sure to add to your reading list. 

What Causes Body Odor? From Stress to Sulfur, Refinery 29

Body odor tends to get worse in the summer, and you might find yourself wondering how to prevent is as temperatures are rising. This helpful article addresses the causes of body odor, with tips to manage it more effectively. It also talks about body odor from a natural standpoint, providing ways to manage it besides just using deodorant. 

Protect Yourself From Emotional Contagion, Psychology Today

Your emotions are an important component of your health, just as important as your physical well-being. In today’s world, we’re constantly bombarded with information and other people’s emotions. This helpful article talks about how to prevent other people’s negative emotions from affecting you. 

I’m Obsessed With Facial Stones: Here Are The Best Kept Secrets, MindBodyGreen

If you’re interested in beauty, you may have heard of gua sha. This Chinese beauty treatment has been used for a long time but is just now becoming popular in the mainstream skincare world. For many people gua sha helps reduce inflammation in the face, making you look younger and your face more sculpted. This article discusses the most popular types of facial stones for sculpting and refreshing your face, as well as how to use them. 

It’s A Lot Easier To Binge Drink Than You May Think. Here’s Why. Healthline

Binge drinking is an unfortunate epidemic in America and can have serious negative consequences for your health. The problem is that many people who binge drink don’t actually realize that they are doing it. This article goes into detail about what binge drinking is, why people do it, and how you can prevent it. It also talks about how alcohol negatively affects your body. 

This Simple Breathing Trick Helps Me Fall Back Asleep Instantly, Popsugar Fitness

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for staying healthy. It’s the body’s time to regenerate and heal itself. This article gives you a handy trick to help you fall back asleep if you keep waking up at night. A better night’s sleep means more energy and focus the following day.

7 Reasons Not To Get Married, According To Science, PureWow

Your romantic relationships can have an effect on your health. At their best, they energize you and help you stay happy and relaxed. At their worst, they can cause a lot of stress. This article digs into the science behind marriage and partnership, examining it from a unique perspective. Now, this doesn’t mean you should give up on your partner, but it’s interesting to think about it differently from how you normally would, and maybe even re-evaluate some aspects of your relationship.

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