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Tips to Take Care of Your Skin Throughout The Day

Skin Care Tips Throughout The Day

Nourishing Our Skin Doesn’t Just Have to be Twice a Day!

Routine is important. I don’t mean like, “Every Tuesday we have tacos,” routine, I mean, taking time each morning and night to care for yourself in a ritualistic way. A way to refresh in the morning and unwind before bed, and often this routine includes a skincare regimen. 

But what about the rest of the day? Can we be doing more to keep skin glowing and healthy longer? Stressors like atmospheric pollutants and drying UV rays can leave skin gasping for air and moisture throughout the day. There are plenty of small habits you can add to your routine that will make a big difference for your skin. Here are some easy but effective ways to take care of your skin throughout the day: 

Reapply moisturizer. 

Dryness and irritation lead to broader skin issues like acne, sagging, and wrinkles. You probably already apply moisturizer right after you get out of the shower, but reapplying it throughout the day is one of the best ways to protect your skin. The extra boost of hydration will maintain your natural glow and boost your skin’s ability to defend itself. LaFloreⓇ Live Probiotic Daily-Defense Moisturizer contains live probiotics that actively fight off harmful bacteria and environmental stressors. 

Add a serum to a facial mister. 

Using a facial mist throughout the day is an excellent way to give your skin a helpful little boost while giving your skin a small shot of hydration, as well. Mixing your favorite serum with facial spray (or even just a tiny amount of water) is a great way to perk up your skin when you’re feeling wilted throughout the day. Add a small amount and mix thoroughly so that the serum doesn’t affect the consistency of the facial spray. If the serum is too thick, it won’t spray evenly. 

Mix serum with your BB cream or foundation. 

If you find that you need to reapply foundation, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer at some point in the day, combine your serum with your favorite makeup products to give your skin a boost. Wearing it with the foundation will allow it to really soak in over the day. Since serums are lightweight and hydrating, this may even improve the consistency of your foundation and help it wear better. LaFloreⓇ Live Probiotic Serum is an excellent option because its natural ingredients and live probiotics help to protect and nourish your skin. This serum is also ideal for all skin types and mixes well with makeup. 

Cleanse after workouts. 

This is a big one because sweat and dirt can clog pores and lead to acne and irritation. After a workout cleanse your face with LaFloreⓇ Live Probiotic Cleanser to remove any lingering dirt and sweat. If you don’t have time to cleanse, consider using blotting papers to remove excess perspiration. 

Eat healthily and drink lots of water:

Healthy skin comes from the inside out, as well. Throughout your day, be mindful of what you’re eating- that salad for lunch can go a long way toward keeping skin beautiful and looking younger. And don’t forget to drink water throughout the day as well, which helps keep your skin hydrated. 

These small skin care tips are an easy way to keep your skin looking and feeling great all day. LaFlore® products are the perfect addition to your daily routine, keeping your skin fresh and hydrated all day.

As always- To your health!

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