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Refresh Your Skincare Routine For Spring

As the weather gets warmer and days get longer, it’s time to adjust our skincare routine. As the seasons’ change, your skincare should too, and spring is the perfect time to re-evaluate the products you are using. You don’t have to do anything drastic – just a few fresh new products or beauty habits can make a big difference. Here are some of the best ways to switch up your skincare this spring.

Use Probiotics To Balance Your Skin

Probiotics are a fantastic new trend in skincare that you can use to keep your skin healthy in the long term. Skincare products that contain probiotics balance the bacteria on your skin by introducing more ‘good’ bacteria, which keep the biome of your face healthy and prevent acne and other skin problems from developing. LaFlore® is an exciting new skincare brand that is bringing probiotics to the forefront this spring.

Introduce An SPF To Your Routine

If you aren’t currently wearing SPF on your face, spring is the perfect time to start. Many makeup products contain SPF, but you can also look for a sunscreen that is specifically designed for your face if you don’t want to wear makeup. Many moisturizers also contain it. Don’t forget to apply your SPF even on the cloudy days! UV rays are filtered through the cloud cover and still have damaging effects on your skin.

Switch Out Your Moisturizer

In the winter, you may have needed a heavy moisturizer to keep your skin balanced. However, as spring approaches, you can switch out the heavier products for something a little more lightweight and silky. With the air getting a little more humid, you don’t need to pack on the product – in fact, you may want to switch out your foundation and concealer for something lighter as well. However, you don’t want to completely neglect the moisturizer, because your skin will always need a bit of nourishment regardless of what the weather is like outside.

Add A Mild Exfoliant To Your Routine

Exfoliants are an excellent way to buff away dead skin, leaving your face looking bright and glowy. However, it’s essential that the exfoliant that you choose is a mild one. Many exfoliants are too harsh and will leave your skin feeling raw and irritated – not something you want from a skincare product. Look for an exfoliant that is very natural and gentle, and do a patch test before using it on your entire face. Just using an exfoliant once a week can help your skin look fresher and brighter.

Just making a few small changes to your skincare routine can make a big difference in how your face feels and looks overall. The key is to find products that nourish your skin cells and enhance your natural beauty without being too harsh. Keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different, and you may have to test out a few different products before you find the perfect ones for your needs.

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