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Skin & Body Benefits of Infrared Sauna

You may have heard about infrared saunas as a trend in the wellness industry lately. While celebrities like Kendall Jenner have made them popular, they have excellent skin and body benefits that anyone can enjoy. They are particularly helpful if you find a traditional sauna just a bit too hot, as they use infrared panels to deliver heat directly to the body instead of heating the air. Many spas now include infrared saunas as an option in addition to traditional saunas. Here are some of the skin and body benefits that an infrared sauna can offer. 


One of the best benefits of an infrared sauna is that it is incredibly relaxing. If you are feeling stressed or are just experiencing muscle tension, a session in an infrared sauna can leave you feeling rejuvenated. The heat allows your muscles to relax and can even help with soreness. Infrared sauna sessions can also help you sleep better at night after the treatment. 

Manages Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Chronic fatigue can be very debilitating, and many people who have it struggle to find an effective treatment. Early studies indicate that infrared saunas can be helpful for people who have chronic fatigue, particularly when combined with other therapies or healthy habits. Infrared saunas can also be beneficial for people who deal with chronic pain, particularly joint pain because it can help improve blood flow to the areas affected and increase recovery time. This improved blood flow can also be constructive for people who need to recover from intense athletic activity. 

Clear Skin

An infrared sauna is known to have very beneficial effects on your skin, regardless of what type of skin you have or the skin problems you struggle with. If you have acne, infrared saunas can help clear it up, because of their detoxifying effects and the way they stimulate your circulation. The heat causes your pores to open up, allowing your skin to naturally rid itself of dirt and other things that could be clogging your pores. However, this can also help with wrinkles and other signs of aging, making your skin feel tighter and more youthful. The improved circulation can stimulate collagen production, which makes the skin look and feel more youthful.

Detoxification and Weight Loss

Many people like to use infrared saunas for detoxification because the direct application of heat penetrates your body’s superficial layers, increasing your internal body temperature by two to three degrees, which can help you sweat everything out if you are feeling under the weather. This heated environment also elevates your heart rate, increases circulation, and can equal a nearly two-mile run by heating your body up. Keep in mind that in order for this to be an effective weight loss solution, you will need to pair it with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. You should always talk to your doctor before starting a new weight loss strategy. 

Next time you’re at your local spa, consider trying an infrared sauna as well as a traditional one. Not only does it feel great, but it can have significant health benefits for you as well. 


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