LaFLore Three-Step System, Sensitive Skin, Skincare

Sensitive Skin? We’ve got a plan for that!

Having sensitive skin is no fun if you’re not properly armed to treat it. Dehydrated, flaky skin, skin that flushes or blushes easily, and pustules, bumps, or acne which doesn’t heal can all be symptoms of sensitive skin. 

Many times, people think they have sensitive skin, but the redness, stinging, and breakouts they’re experiencing are a result of exposure to irritants or chemicals commonly found in skin care products. 

We designed our LaFlore®’s line of Live Probiotic skincare to provide complete care for all skin types- including sensitive skin, with just three products.

Are three products enough to effectively help all skin types? Is this really all I need?

Yes! LaFlore® formulations go to work on the core issues that cause many common skin conditions. Live probiotics can instantly and bio-responsively correct imbalances in the skin’s microbiome by eliminating disruptive bacteria while fortifying the bacteria that can make positive change. 

In essence, LaFlore® intuitively determines what your skin needs most on a day to day basis and delivers precisely what it needs to rebalance itself.

Our three-step ritual should be performed daily to help sensitive skin evolve into healthy, glowing skin:

  1. Cleanse:

    Our Live Probiotic Cleanser gently exfoliates without stripping the skin and stimulates the skin’s natural detoxification process. Cleanse in the morning and again in the evening if your skin is particularly oily. Be sure to take your time, really massage in the product to work it into the pores. 

  2. Moisturize:

     Our moisturizer helps protect skin with prebiotic-dense antioxidants, rapidly calms redness and irritation, and gives skin a naturally radiant glow. Your moisturizing ritual shouldn’t be rushed, either. Work into the skin, take your time, and enjoy the mini-massage!

  3. Serum:

     Our all-natural, Live Probiotic Serum Concentrate delivers the same nutritional benefits for your skin that you can get from vitamins A and C, as well as alpha-hydroxy acids- but with none of the irritating side effects. It also helps neutralize breakouts and speeds post-breakout recovery. The Serum Concentrate can be used in several ways: 

  • Mix a few drops with our moisturizer for an extra boost of nutrients. 
  • Apply after you get out of the shower when the pores are open and can absorb the product quickly.  
  • Keep it in your bag to smooth onto skin throughout your day for extra protection against environmental pollutants and UV damage. 

Sensitive skin doesn’t have to be a problem forever- with proper hydration, nutrition, and LaFlore®’s line of Live Probiotic Skincare, relief is a reality.


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