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Realistic Resolutions for 2020

Well, here we go. January is nearly over and the yearly battle for resolution success is already raging, but we’ve decided to lay down our weapons and set out to find some resolutions that are not only keepable but also maybe downright ground-breaking. 

Not that the good ol’ standbys aren’t still legit. Yes, definitely make that resolution to get more exercise (or any at all), eat better, drink more water, be more mindful, call your mom more often… the list goes on and on. Just make sure you’re setting yourself up for success by getting specific about a clear goal and the action steps to take to get there. Be sure to reward yourself whenever you’ve accomplished something, and don’t give up in the face of setbacks.

Ok. So there’s that. But if you’re anything like most everyone else, this isn’t always the recipe for success we need. Why?

Maybe, just maybe, the stuff we resolve to do isn’t the stuff we really want to do. I mean, we want the result, but the process of getting there sucks. Some people love working out, and getting in shape is effortless anyway. Others who resolve to get in shape may hate to exercise, yet they still beat themselves up for giving up on the gym. 

Some people would rather have grandma’s lasagna for dinner rather than grilled chicken breast and mixed veg every single night for a whole stupid year. Ok, maybe a little dramatic, but this one is kinda personal… 

So what if we made resolutions to better ourselves that we actually would love to do? Stuff that’s fun, and interesting, and doesn’t make us feel like we’re doing it just because we think we should? We’re putting our money on these: 

You’re bringin’ sexy back. 

When was the last time you really assessed your personal style and how you look physically to the rest of the world? Forget your shape or size- that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about putting your best foot forward and establishing a look that makes you feel good about yourself. 

Go through your closet and start trying stuff on. Think outside of the wardrobe box- now’s the time to try on things you’d never ordinarily wear together for the sake of seeing how it looks. If you spend some time on it and come to the conclusion that you’re bored or uninspired, make a choice to make a change and revamp your wardrobe. Give some stuff away, and go shopping. Go bolder, accessorize creatively, get more sophisticated, or pare it way down- whatever inspires you. 

It doesn’t have to be just clothing-related, either. Always wondered what you’d look like as a redhead? Give it a shot. Go get a makeover, you may find there are better ways to wear your makeup. Maybe you’ll find you don’t want to wear any at all anymore. This could very well be the year to reinvent yourself, and let’s be honest, that sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Learn to do something cool. 

Have you ever watched those cooking shows and thought about how neat it would be if you hosted dinner parties and could chef like a boss? Or what about taking up painting and hanging your art around your house? When people come over, they’ll ask, “Oh wow, cool painting, where’d you get it?” To which, you coolly reply, “Oh, yeah, I did that. It’s not my best work, really.” Then sit back and soak in the accolades. 

The point is, learning something new is so good for you, so why not learn something new that’s useful or interesting or both? Learn how to tile your kitchen, learn a musical instrument, take a class on philosophy or world religions. Whatever floats your boat, develop your mind and your personality at the same time.

Resolve to have better relationships. 

When we set the intention to improve our relationships, the universe bows. It doesn’t have to be huge, little things can make all the difference. Put a little note in your partner’s work bag or lunchbox to say, “I love you.” Resolve to make a regular date night to focus and really enjoy each other. If you’re fighting, too bad, at least you’ve got a dinner out to look forward to. It’ll work itself out over the carpaccio. 

When Facebook (or someone else) reminds you it’s your friend’s birthday, make a little extra effort to do something special for them. Pick up the phone and call your parents or siblings for no reason. Think about how you’d feel if someone in your life did something random and thoughtful for you and how special it would make you feel, then go do that thing. 

Resolve to stop comparing yourself to other people- and stop comparing other people to everyone else. 

There’s no bad time to make a resolution to be less judgemental and accept people just as they are. Be kind, and the next time someone annoys you, realize we all just want the same thing in this short life: happiness. When you do this for others, it follows that you’ll be kinder to yourself as well. This one should be on everyone’s list of resolutions. 

Listen to language learning apps or podcasts. 

Instead of listening to the same old music or staring zombielike at the tv while on the treadmill, start learning a new language. In the car to and from work, going for a walk, riding on the bus, flying in a helicopter, whatever you’re doing to mobilize and get from one place to another is an excellent time to brush up on your language of choice. Signing up for local classes is another option, plus you might meet some fun people to practice speaking with!

Become a patron of the arts. 

Go to the ballet or the opera. Become a member at an art gallery or museum, or indulge in some local theater. There are so many ways to lose yourself in the arts- make a date to pamper yourself with a little culture. It’ll be good for your brain, your personality, and your stress levels. 

We hope you enjoy this modest list of what we think are unconventional resolutions. All are fun while still being in the interest of self-improvement, win/win! Besides, once you’re on a roll, you may just find there are ways to compromise with that lasagna. 


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