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Protect Your Skin From Blue Light

Protect your skin from blue light


Blue light is quickly gaining traction in the skin care world. You may have heard of blue light and its adverse effects on your eyes and your ability to sleep. But, blue light can also have negative effects on your skin, which is why it is now imperative that you protect your skin from blue light.

More and more research is coming out about how long-term exposure to blue light can damage your skin, including discoloration, inflammation, and weakening of your skin barrier, making it essential to invest in skin protection from blue light. Some studies suggest that the stress from blue light can cause just as much damage as UV light. Here’s what you need to know about blue light, skincare, and how to protect yourself.

What is blue light?
There is a massive range of different colors of light, and they can each have different effects on us. Many people think of light as all being the same color, but it ranges dramatically by shade. The reason that blue light is such a concern is that it is emitted in unnaturally large quantities by electronic devices, like smartphones and computers. Blue light is fine in small amounts, but when you spend too much time looking at it, it can be very harsh on your eyes. Many companies are now offering blue light glasses and screen protectors to keep your body safe from it.

How does blue light affect your skin?
You might be surprised to find out that blue light can cause skin damage as well. When you spend too much time with your phone close to your face, you’re more likely to experience signs of aging than you would typically expect even from extensive sun exposure. For example, you might notice that your skin is weaker and more likely to be inflamed. You also might find that your skin is red or abnormally changes colors.

How can I prevent damage from blue light?
There are several things you can do to prevent damage to your skin from blue light. Your first option is to be conscious of how much you are using your electronics and how close you hold them to your face.
Cutting back on screen time alone can make a big difference. You can also purchase blue light protectors to apply to the screens of your devices, which can help if you use your devices often for work. If your phone or computer has ‘night mode,’ turning it on will reduce the amount of blue light it emits, cutting back on your exposure.

You should also make sure you are using skincare that is designed to protect you from light damage and other environmental stressors. Look for products that will boost your skin’s ability to defend itself, and that contain a mix of antioxidants, which can help repair and prevent damage. Many skincare products are moving towards a more natural, healing formula that helps your skin protect itself without harmful chemicals and toxins.

LaFlore® Live Probiotic Skincare offers a range of antioxidants as well as natural skin protectors to help protect your skin from external factors that can damage your skin. Probiotics support the growth of good bacteria, which can help your skin heal and fight off many of the things that trigger skin issues. LaFlore® products are also very rich in antioxidants such as vitamin D and are full of omega-3s. The cleanser, moisturizer, and serum nourish and protect your skin from blue light so you don’t have to worry about the damaging effects of sitting in front of your laptop or talking on your phone!

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