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How To Be A Minimalist Every Day (When You Have 1,000 Things To Do)

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Most people following a minimalist lifestyle will say the first thing to do is declutter. Going through stuff and giving away or throwing away all the things we don’t need is fantastic, but if we’re super busy, it may not exactly be at the top of the things-to-do list. There are ways to declutter and simplify, even during the most hectic of days. Here are a few tips on how to be a minimalist every day when time is in short supply:

  • 1) Declutter on the go

We all wander from room to room in the house to do daily stuff. Gathering and distributing laundry, retrieving needed items, collecting and putting away dishes; all those domestic things we have to do to keep a household running. 

What if everyone in the house committed to picking up the things (even just one!) which don’t belong in that room and taking them where they belong on the way out? Or better yet- look for items collecting dust and put them in a designated “to donate” box by the front door. That way, each time we leave the house, there will be a box waiting to be dropped off at the nearest Goodwill on the way to work.

  • 2) Stop shopping for unneeded things, learn to be a mindful consumer

Of course, all of that stuff in the house that needs to get dealt with wouldn’t be an issue if we all were more mindful of the things we buy in the first place. 

Take a little time to question purchases and their purpose. Is it something we really need? Will it add value to our daily lives? It only takes a second or two to ask the questions. Also, think about the time spent on the actual act of shopping. Even with the miracle of Amazon, this could lend itself to wasting time if we’re shopping for something we don’t need in the first place. (See number 4)

  • 3) Question how we choose to spend our time and energy.

Just as it’s helpful to be mindful of accumulating possessions, it’s possibly even more important to take a moment to question how we spend our time. 

Is it really necessary to spend thirty minutes picking out clothes for the day? There’s nothing wrong with wearing a few pieces more frequently to cut down on decision time. Also, how’s the beauty routine? Too many products and too many steps can suck up all kinds of morning time. (BTW, this is one of the reasons we keep it simple at LaFlore® by paring our line down to the three essential products most beneficial to a skin care routine– no one needs to waste time and money on tons of products only to find they aren’t necessary!) 

  • 4) Get away from the internet, stay away from the phone (unless it’s absolutely necessary)

This one can be a slippery slope, because “absolutely necessary” can be a really subjective judgment call. If we’re really mindful about it, though (there’s that word again, mindful), most of the time, it’s pretty obvious what is necessary and what isn’t when it comes to time spent in front of a screen. 

  • 5) Use decluttering as an opportunity to spend time with the family

Bringing in the family to help declutter and organize the home can be a fun, bonding experience if done right. 

Put on some fun music, bring some snacks, and do some goofing around. Approaching organizing and decluttering with a relaxed attitude will help everyone else in the house to get on board. Showing our kids (and maybe spouses, too) the importance of a minimalist lifestyle and the freedom it brings will cultivate habits that will last a lifetime. 

  • 6) Take a staycation

Consider staying home instead of packing up and heading somewhere for the next vacation. Think about it, vacations are great, but they’re also expensive and time-consuming. We’re not advocating giving up fun vacations, but once in awhile, it may be healing to simplify, minimize, and stay home to hang out with each other.  

We hope some of these ideas will help make a minimalist lifestyle effortless every day, even when you have 1,000 things to do.

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