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Meet Maya Ivanjesku, LaFlore®’s Creative Visionary and Chief Scientific Officer

The visionary behind LaFlore®’s revolutionary probiotics skincare products is Maya Ivanjesku, who brings 20 years of experience in the cosmetic industry to her position as Chief Scientific Officer. Maya’s passion for natural products and remedies goes back to her childhood when she would walk with her Nana along the Danube River, collecting herbs and flowers. This early interest drove her to pursue a career as a cosmetic and pharmaceutical scientist.

Maya has held leadership positions in some of the world’s top skincare companies. She has served as the senior research scientist and product manager for Estee Lauder, where she oversaw formulation development for many brands within the Estee Lauder group. She has also developed products for prestigious brands such as La Mer, Jo Malone, Urban Decay, Bare Essentials, Clinique, Origins, and many others. This experience in the cosmetic industry helps her to create luxurious products that consumers love. Her work has been very versatile, and she is proud to finally be running her own line at LaFlore®.

Maya’s passion for organic skin care and probiotics led her to LaFlore®, where she has developed a uniquely effective skincare system. In addition to her work in the beauty industry, she has developed a variety of other medical products, including over the counter pharmaceuticals, prescription topical products, and topical medical devices. Her experience in the pharmaceutical industry allows her to bring a uniquely scientific perspective to LaFlore®’s skincare products. She has also worked extensively in the biotechnology field. She has managed chemists and scientists to help them develop safe and effective formulations, as well as overseeing relevant R&D and lab equipment. She is passionate about natural skin care solutions and making clean products accessible to consumers.

When creating the products for LaFlore®, Maya handpicks every single ingredient herself. She sources all her ingredients from a top-secret location in Oregon. Directly after sourcing the ingredients, she puts them on ice and sends them to the lab in Florida where LaFlore®’s products are produced. Everything is shipped the same day, ensuring that all LaFlore®’s products are very fresh. Each product is thoroughly tested before it is put on the market. Maya’s testing standards are extremely rigorous, with a focus on releasing quality products over quantity. In particular, each product is tested for toxicity to ensure that it is actually soothing and safe for the skin. Many companies, even natural companies, don’t have rigorous toxicity standards, which is why they can still irritate your skin.

Maya’s passion for probiotics is something that is unique in the beauty industry, and her strict testing and sourcing standards set LaFlore® apart as a natural skincare brand. In addition to making products that are of high quality, she is also passionate about developing products that are affordable. This commitment to transforming the beauty and skincare industries has set LaFlore® on a powerful upward trajectory that has beauty junkies eagerly awaiting LaFlore®’s next release.

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