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Live Probiotics vs. Probiotic “essences”- What You Need to Know

The wonderful questions about our line of LaFlore® Live Probiotic Skincare keep on coming! We answer a couple more of them here…

What is the difference between an “active” probiotic and other types of probiotics?

That’s a great question- and it has a very simple answer:

Live probiotics are just that – alive. They function by supplying a full range of benefits to the skin’s microbiome, not the least of which is fortifying the healthy bacteria needed for optimally healthy skin.

But of course, not all products use live probiotics. Probiotics commonly used in skincare formulas come in two forms, “live” (which is found in our products) and “essence.”

Probiotic essences, the most common form of probiotics used in skin care, are mildly beneficial fragments left over when a live probiotic has completed its life cycle. So basically, dead probiotics.

We also received a logical question which piggybacks on the prior:

Since LaFlore® contains live probiotics, don’t the products need to be refrigerated?

Also an excellent question! Our patent-pending formulas suspend live probiotics in a stable “cryo-like” state, so no refrigeration is necessary.

LaFlore® uses a unique combination of prebiotics and live probiotics to give skin the maximum support it needs to function at the highest level of holistic skin health. Nothing is more effective for maintaining beautiful skin than using Live Probiotics to balance the flora found on the skin’s natural biome- which is exactly why we pride ourselves on using it in our line of skin care products!

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