Layering Skin Care

Layering LaFlore®- How to Get the Most From Your Skin Care!

We pride ourselves in keeping our line of Live Probiotic skincare simple, and our ritual short by carrying three products, all very carefully crafted to be optimally effective and perfect for any skin type. 

There are, however, excellent reasons to layer our products and use them together for an added boost of benefits, and it won’t even cost you extra time!

Serum Concentrate

Our Serum Concentrate is a jack-of-all-trades product that can be layered with just about anything (it’s even an excellent addition to facial masks). It’s aloe-based, contains live probiotics, antioxidants, and delivers the same benefits as vitamins A, C, and alpha-hydroxy acids without side effects that can irritate the skin. 

We use it on its own to brighten, smooth, and keep breakouts under control, but in conjunction with our other products, it can do so much more! 

Daily Defense Moisturizer

During those cold winter months, when the heat is cranking, and the air is dry, add an extra layer of serum underneath LaFlore®’s Probiotic Daily Defense Moisturizer. Our moisturizer is also aloe-based, with prebiotic-dense antioxidants. It helps protect the skin and soothe irritation- adding that extra layer of serum can give the added boost of hydration and moisture your skin needs during this time. 

The serum concentrate is thin, with fast-absorbing properties, which make it an excellent vehicle for delivering those active key ingredients in the moisturizer. This is also a recommended ritual for those with dry skin year-round, you can even add a drop to the moisturizer itself for even more hydration. 

Our serum concentrate is also great to use for priming makeup applications. Just smooth on a thin layer before you apply your makeup, and it’ll stay even and glowy all day!

Oily skin needs hydration too, so if you’re prone to breakouts and shiny skin, don’t make the mistake of skipping that step of applying our serum concentrate after cleansing. 

Our Natural Organic Probiotic Cleanser cleanses gently without stripping or irritating the skin, and it’s active key ingredients stimulate the skin’s natural detoxification process. A layer of Serum Concentrate after cleansing helps provide a barrier of protection, keeping out toxins while sealing in the skin’s natural moisture, all while you’re getting a good night’s sleep!

All of our products are fragrance-free and contain no artificial ingredients. This is one of the reasons they’re perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. You can give your sensitive skin a treat by adding a drop of Serum Concentrate in our cleanser. It’s nourishing properties help soothe and reduce the inflammation and ruddiness associated with sensitive skin. 

Layering up your skin care routine can provide benefits for all skin types, and is just another of the many ways our products leave you with healthy, happy, beautiful skin!

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