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LaFlore® Raises The Bar

At LaFlore®, we are committed to creating products that are effective and safe for your skin. To ensure that our products are of the highest quality, we test everything thoroughly before releasing it. Our in-depth series of tests is entirely comprehensive and goes above and beyond what’s necessary for success. Here are the tests we use on our products.

We always do a standard sensitization test on our products before releasing them. Sensitization tests determine the potential of a product to make the skin more vulnerable. Sensitization tests help us make our products suitable for all skin types.

Our irritation tests help us determine the potential of a product to cause redness, swelling, discomfort, or any other type of reaction. We are committed to making gentle products that are safe for the skin.

We also test all of our products for cytotoxicity, the quality of being toxic to cells. This is an incredibly vital test to ensure safety for all of our customers.

Preservative Efficacy Study
Our skincare products contain natural preservatives that help them last longer. When you invest your money in a skincare product, you expect it to stay safe and effective when stored in the proper environment. Our preservative efficacy study ensures that the product will remain in good condition for their shelf life.

Microbiology Studies
Since our products contain probiotics, we do intensive microbiology studies to determine how they will interact with the skin’s natural biome. Our products are designed to work with your skin’s microbiome to create a healthy environment.

Pathogen Free Studies
At LaFlore®, we are committed to creating pathogen-free products that won’t harm your body. We do pathogen-free testing on every single batch we release. This helps ensure that every single product sold lives up to our high standards for safety.

Safety Assessment Study
We care deeply about the safety of our customers, so we do a thorough safety assessment study on every product we release. We take extra precautions to ensure that every single product is safe to use.

Product Dossier Files
We do thorough documentation on all of our products to compile a comprehensive dossier. We believe in total product transparency, and having this information readily available enables us to be more open with our customers.

Heavy Metal Testing
Heavy metals can be dangerous for our skin and body, even in small doses. That’s why we have tests in place to catch small traces of heavy metals and prevent them from making their way into our products.

Rigorous Quality Systems Process
We want to ensure that every single product we put out is up to our high standards. That’s why we have in-depth quality testing to make sure every batch works effectively. Our quality systems process means that you can always count on us for high-quality products.

At LaFlore®, we use our comprehensive testing process for every single product. We believe in the importance of quality control to keep our skincare products up to our high standards. Testing ensures that skincare products are as safe and effective as possible.

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