Earth Day, Green Spa Network, LaFlore® Probiotic Skincare

LaFlore® Probiotic Skincare Partners With Green Spa Network!

To celebrate Earth Day this year, LaFlore® is partnering with the Green Spa Network, a vibrant organization that brings together eco-friendly spa and wellness professionals. Green Spa Network seeks to bring awareness of the planet to spas and wellness companies around the world by providing resources, education, and communication opportunities. Here are some of the fantastic ways that Green Spa Network is helping the planet.

Brand Partnerships
One of the most beneficial things that Green Spa Network does is partner with spa, wellness, and beauty brands to encourage thoughtful consumption throughout self-care and wellness procedures. The brands that Green Spa Network partners with have an eco-friendly approach to product development, packaging, and waste recycling. Through brand partnerships, Green Spa Network has made it easy for wellness professionals to find products and services they can trust. GSN has even hosted a buyer’s conference, which connects spa owners with eco-friendly wellness brands.

Green Spa Network also provides education for their member spas to help them determine the eco-friendliness of their business and learn how they can make their practice even better for the environment. They do this via their sustainability assessment kit, which looks at various factors like water and energy usage, waste reduction, and more to determine how eco-friendly a spa is. GSN then provides spa owners with the resources they need to make positive changes, without compromising high-quality service for their customers.

Connection and Discussion
To improve the quality of spa and wellness practices around the world, GSN fosters conversation among professionals in the spa, wellness, and beauty industries. Their yearly buyers’ conference not only allows spa professionals to connect with key brands, but it also gives them a forum in which they can network, discuss important issues, and solve problems. Conferences are always hosted at exemplary eco-friendly resorts. On a smaller scale, GSN also releases their Vital Stories podcast and has a Vital Stories blog where they share inspiring information about innovation and change in the wellness space.

In a broad sense, GSN is also exploring new ways to make the spa setting more eco-friendly. By providing assessment tools for members, GSN is also learning which practices are most efficient and which miss the mark, allowing them to promote the most effective conservation strategies. By making sustainable practices more transparent and more accessible to spa owners, GSN is increasing the number of spas and wellness centers using environmentally friendly methods. GSN has consistently hosted respected environmental experts as speakers at their conferences as well.

As an eco-conscious skincare brand, LaFlore® is excited to partner with Green Spa Network. For every sale we make, we will be donating $1 to GSN. This money will go to planting trees and other environmentally friendly practices. We believe that we should be taking care of ourselves while we take care of our planet. Without a healthy, happy planet, it’s impossible for us to live healthy lives.

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