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LaFLore® Father’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for a great gift for your dad this year? Try giving him things that will help him look and feel healthy. Wellness products are things we all know we can benefit from, but many people, especially men, can get hesitant to spend their own money on them. Here are some father’s day gift ideas that your dad will love!

LaFlore® Skincare Set

Taking care of your skin isn’t just for women, and your dad might be surprised by just how incredible his skin feels after a few days of using this quality skincare line. The cleanser, moisturizer, and serum contain live probiotics, which help your skin heal from damage and balance oil levels. They could even minimize signs of aging.

Harry’s Razors Shave Set

Harry’s Razors has become a very popular shave brand over the past several years because they sell premium shaving items at affordable prices. If your dad is always settling for drugstore razors, why not get him a shave set for Father’s Day that will leave his skin fresh and smooth? They have kits with different styles of razors, as well as quality shaving cream and balm to keep your skin in great condition.

Care/Of Vitamin Subscription

We all know we should take our vitamins every day, but it can feel really inconvenient when we have a lot going on. It can also be hard to justify buying all the vitamins you need for yourself. Care/Of offers personalized vitamin subscription services that would make the perfect gift for a health-conscious dad. He’ll go online and take a quick health quiz, and then Care/Of will send him vitamins in easy-to-use daily packs. Care/Of also offers protein powders and other energy boosters that he can take before a workout.

23AndMe Ancestry Tests

If your dad is interested in history or just wants to learn more about his family, he’ll really enjoy taking the 23AndMe test. You can learn in detail about where your ancestors are from, and the test is specific enough to identify over 1,000 different world regions. You’ll also learn information that can help you live healthier in the long run. For example, you’ll learn how your specific DNA influences your physical traits, as well as any genetic predispositions you may have to certain conditions. This can help your dad take better care of himself as he gets older, plus he’ll be fascinated by the results.

Graze Subscription Box

It’s hard to say no to delicious food as a gift, and the Graze subscription box takes it a step further with foods that are both tasty and good for you. Your dad will love having new snacks to try every month, and he can even tailor the boxes to suit his taste preferences. Their snacks range from nutty to fruity to savory and beyond – there are even some snacks that incorporate chocolate. If he finds a snack he really falls in love with, he can buy more on the Graze website as well.

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