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Is a Probiotic Facial Right for You?

For decades the science and technology behind professional skincare protocols has been focused almost entirely on treating conditions of the skin – acne, aging, dryness and irritation. 

What we are just starting to understand however, as both skincare professionals and consumers, is that these unwanted skin conditions are actually signs of a deeper and more underlying problem – chronically stressed out skin. Everything we put on our skin has the capacity to throw it out of whack – even “good” products.

Enter topical probiotics

Topical probiotics help resolve common skin conditions with no disruption to the skin’s natural processes which make them an ideal addition to both day to day skincare programs and as boosters in professional facials and skincare treatments.

Before diving into more of the benefits of a probiotic facial though, let’s recap a few of the most well known benefits of facials in general:

  1. Elimination of dead, dry skin cells on the surface of the skin which can cause a dull, dry appearance
  2. Boosting hydration levels which help to plump fine lines and wrinkles and give the skin a radiant glow
  3. Extraction of blocked pores and the effective elimination of whiteheads and blackheads

Traditionally a wide range of actives are used to address these conditions – alpha hydroxy acids (including peels), vitamins C and A (including retinols), salicylic acid, and enzymes.

Although these actives have been proven to help alleviate common skin conditions they often come with a wide array of undesirable downsides – redness, irritation, sensitivity and sometimes peeling.

Benefits of a Probiotic Facial

Topical probiotics, and especially live probiotics, have the power to address these common skin concerns without any disruption to the skin whatsoever. This makes them an ideal and universally beneficial addition to any professional facial.

A probiotic facial however goes way beyond the treatment of skin conditions by delivering necessary resources to the skins microbiome – the intricate natural ecosystem of healthy bacteria that thrive on the skin’s surface

The skin’s microbiome has the ability to immediately respond to that which benefits it most. What we are learning benefits skin most is a non-stop supply of high quality, diverse pre, pro and postbiotics.

Combining this type of “triphase multibiotic” technology with a professional facial protocol provides a broad spectrum of benefits with immediate benefits for all skin types. When combined further with additional modalities such as microcurrent and ultrasonic, results are often dramatic and are usually both immediate and long lasting.

Where to Book

LaFlore® Probiotic Facials are available at a select number of spas, medispas and professional skincare practices across the country.

See the full list of LaFlore® Professional Partners HERE

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