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Information Overload Day: 4 Easy Ways To Calm Your Mind

Information Overload Day

Information Overload Day is Tuesday, October 15th, but let’s be real- information overload day could be any day. Pick a day. 

Most of us have busy lives, trying to play catch-up if we’ve missed something at work or home, listening to and processing multiple conversations at once, and multitasking pretty much everywhere. All of this, combined with the ordinary day to day noise, stressors, and distractions we all face, can undoubtedly lead to information overload. 

In the spirit of the day, we’ve compiled a list of little things you can do to calm down that monkey-mind syndrome we’re all susceptible to when you just can’t shut it off:

Chances are, if you’ve been in the middle of a stressful or hectic situation, you don’t notice your breath changes until you’re on the other side of the hill. Shallow and rapid breaths take over, contributing to our already high anxiety levels. 

Deep breathing or belly breathing is a great way to get a quick handle on racing thoughts and restlessness. Begin by breathing in slowly and evenly through the nose, then out through the mouth. Try to extend your belly out upon the inhale and pull (naturally, we’re not doing crunches, here) it in upon the exhale. Place your hand on your belly- if it’s rising and falling while your chest is staying relatively still, you’re doing it right! If not, no biggie, just relax and keep breathing. Checking in with the breath is one of the best ways we can calm a racing mind. There are plenty of apps that specialize in mindful breathing, and some even check in with you to remind you to watch that breath a few times a day. 

There’s often not enough time in the day for a relaxation ritual, and even if there is, our mind will convince us we have a hundred other more important things to think about. It takes way less time than our brains would have us think to stop long enough to pamper ourselves. Take a few minutes either in the morning or in the evening (or both) to give yourself a little pampering. 

Our skin care ritual is one of those little ways you can do something that goes a long way to reduce your stress levels and multitasking mind. Begin by gently massaging your face with LaFlore® Live Probiotic Cleanser. Be sure to take your time; the more attention you give, the better you’ll feel. Follow with either our Live Probiotic Serum Concentrate or LaFLore® Live Probiotic Daily-Defense Moisturizer. Each product can be used on its own or in conjunction with each other to maximize your down-time. Soaking in a warm Epsom salt bath, or giving yourself a soothing foot soak are just a couple of other stress relief home remedies to try. 

  • Identify exaggerated thoughts:

A racing, busy brain loves exaggerate: “What are we gonna have for dinner tonight? How about meatloaf? No, Jimmy hates meatloaf, that kid won’t eat anything. How am I going to get that kid to eat his broccoli? He’s not getting enough nutrition; his brain’s not growing right. He’s never going to college if he doesn’t eat his vegetables…” And so on. And on. And. On. 

If we make it a habit to check-in not only with our breathing but with our thoughts as well, it can go a long way to training our minds to skirt information overload. 

  • Be mindful, pay attention:

Mindful attention isn’t just for meditation. It’s for everyday activities, too. The next time you are standing in line at the grocery, thinking a million thoughts, pay attention to the little things around you. This will help pull yourself out of your head and focus on your surroundings. As you unload your cart, feel the weight of each item as you put it on the conveyor. Listen to the sounds around you. Take time to smell the strawberries. 

  • Be aware of what your body feels like:

This one’s especially useful if you can’t sleep at night because your brain won’t shut down. Progressive relaxation- start by scanning your body for tension. Are you holding tension in your jaw? In your shoulders? Try to find it and let it go. 

Then, beginning at the toes, working your way to the top of your head. Tense each body part for a few seconds, then release. Your muscles will feel like jelly, and chances are you’ll be asleep by the time you reach your chin!

We hope some of these ideas help you to develop everyday habits that lead to less stress on your mind, not just on Information Overload Day. 

As always- To your health!

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