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How to Treat Jet-Lagged Skin

Jet Lag Skin Care

Traveling can be a blast! New experiences, beautiful destinations, making fabulous new friends, seeing family for the holidays, it’s all part of living the best life you can with the time we’ve got. Unfortunately, sometimes, time isn’t our friend when it comes to the effects of jet lag on our bodies. 

We all know long flights can leave our bodies tired, dehydrated, and groggy, but what is it about long flights that can leave our skin jet-lagged, and what can we do about it? 

Some of the things which affect our skin while traveling include:

  • Lack of sleep/disruption of sleep cycles. “Beauty sleep” really is a thing, so anytime we’re crossing time zones, lack of sleep or sleep interruptions can show up on our faces. Sleep provides our cells the time they so badly need to regenerate, particularly skin cells. Also, our body’s pH and moisture levels decrease without sufficient rest, leaving skin looking dull and tired. 
  • Altitude’s effects on oxygenation and exposure to UV rays. Increased cabin pressure can reduce oxygen circulation to our skin. This, coupled with increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, can compromise the skin’s barrier function. Skin inflammation, irritation, and breakouts are what follows. We often forget about the increased UV exposure that comes with flying at 30,000 feet when we’re sitting in the window seat. 
  • Exposure to dry, recycled air in the cabin. The re-circulated air in an airplane cabin has very little humidity, and it can suck the moisture right out of your body (and your skin). As if that’s not bad enough, microbial pollutants float around, settling on the skin’s surface and clogging pores. 

Luckily, there are plenty of things we can do to help combat the damage that long-haul traveling can cause to our skin and our bodies, both before and during our journey.

  • Incorporate some sleep hacks to help you get ahead of the game.

If you’re already behind on sleep, it’ll make it much worse. If there’s no avoiding it, try to get to your destination early enough to get some rest before you have to be productive. 

Gradually regulate light exposure to mimic the conditions of your destination. For example, if it’s night time at your destination, put on an eye mask and noise-canceling earplugs and try to get some sleep.  

Utilize your skin care products and make them work for you. Harness the antioxidants and nutrients in LaFlore® Live Probiotic Serum Concentrate to protect and encourage cell regeneration when your body needs help doing it naturally. Keep a travel size in your bag and reapply regularly during the flight.


  • Encourage blood and oxygen circulation in the skin, protect from UV rays.


If possible, before the flight, book a stimulating facial. This will support circulation and improve your skin’s barrier function- even before you step on the plane. 

Exfoliate thoroughly and gently with LaFlore® Live Probiotic Cleanser before you get on the plane. This will help resurface the skin and clear pores to increase the performance of our Live Probiotic Daily-Defense Moisturizer. When applied before the flight, our moisturizer protects the skin with prebiotic-dense antioxidants, which help to reduce redness and inflammation. 

Go without makeup if possible, and apply our Probiotic Serum Concentrate to support moisturization and protection throughout the trip. It also contains the ingredient Pycnogenol®, which offers protection from UV rays when used on its own or when added to our moisturizer.


  • Support hydration in any and every way you can.


Begin even before you step on the plane by increasing your water intake and eating lots of antioxidant-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables. For a few days prior, make your moisturizing ritual a focus. Apply our Probiotic Daily-Defense Moisturizer liberally, and take your time massaging into the skin morning and night. 

While on the plane, try to avoid alcohol or other dehydrating beverages. Water, green teas, and unsweetened fruit juices are the best choices to stay hydrated.

Extended traveling doesn’t have to wreck your skin. With a little preparation and a few skin care hacks, you can arrive at your destination glowing, and camera-ready! 

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