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How to Take Care Of Your Skin Before, During, And After A Flight

Traveling is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience, but when you spend extensive amounts of time on a plane, it can be rough on your skin. The recycled plane air naturally dehydrates your skin, throwing everything out of balance. Taking a few simple skincare steps before, during, and after you fly can make a big difference. Here are some easy ways to keep your skin healthy on long trips.

Drink water, constantly.
The combination of recycled air and high altitude makes airplanes so dehydrating. You can prevent your skin from drying out by drinking a copious amount of water. Try to drink a liter of water before you get on the plane, and bring a water bottle on the plane with you. Depending on how far you are flying, try to drink a liter of water every two hours and don’t forget to replenish as soon as you land. It might be tempting to drink coffee or alcohol, but try to avoid it as it can dry your skin out even further.

Moisturize topically.
In addition to drinking water internally, you should also make sure that you are applying moisturizing products directly to your skin. Take off your makeup when you get on the plane, and use a refreshing face mist multiple times throughout the flight to ensure that you are feeling fresh. Don’t be afraid to apply a mask mid-flight, too! When you get off the flight, use a thicker moisturizer to the skin to bring some moisture back into the area. LaFlore® Probiotic Daily Defense Moisturizer and Serum Concentrate are excellent travel companions!

Balance your skin’s natural biome.
Probiotic skincare is an excellent way to keep your skin naturally healthy. LaFlore® Probiotic Skincare adds ‘good bacteria’ to your skin that will neutralize ‘bad bacteria’. When applied just before a flight, these products will help reduce inflammation and irritation that can build up from exposure to concentrated levels of ‘bad bacteria’ on the plane.

Apply a nourishing face mask.
Flights can get boring, but this is actually the perfect time to really pamper yourself. Bring a travel-sized sheet mask with you and apply it while you’re relaxing to give your skin a dose of hydration. Not only does this feel luxurious, but you’ll get off the plane looking positively glowing.

Don’t neglect your lips.
It’s likely that your lips will dry out on a long flight, but you can prevent this by applying a thick lip mask right when you get onto the plane. This will nourish your lips and help them look full while preventing irritation. You should also keep a lip balm with you and frequently apply after you get to your destination.

Take an omega/fish oil supplement.
It’s always important to get some ‘good fats’ in your diet, but when you are traveling, these supplements have the added benefit of enhancing your body’s ability to absorb moisture. Taking this supplement will enhance all of the other wonderful steps you’re taking for your skin on this long flight.

Stocking up on travel-sized nourishing skincare products before a long trip is always a great idea. The better you take care of your skin before, during, and after a flight, the better your skin will look and feel while you’re having fun on vacation.

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