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How To Take Care of The Delicate Skin Around Your Eyes

How To Take Care of The Eye Area

The skin around our eyes is thinner, more delicate, and more prone to wrinkles than anywhere else. 

This, coupled with the fact that blinking, frowning, rolling, and a host of other emotion-expressing works the skin around our eyes more than we realize, can make our eyes the window to premature aging. Also, environmental pollutants, UV rays, genetics, and smoking can practically form wrinkles right before your eyes. 

Whether it’s dark circles, puffiness, bags, or fine lines, the skin around our eyes deserves a second look.

That’s enough of the eye puns- you get the eyedea… ok, now we’re done. Anyway- there are plenty of things we can do to protect that delicate skin and try to stave off the signs of premature aging:

Keep Moisturized!

Dehydrated skin, particularly thinner skin, can give more definition to fine lines and wrinkles. Using LaFLore® Live Probiotic Daily-Defense Moisturizer is gentle enough to treat the delicate skin around the eyes, and won’t cause stinging or irritation. 

Use LaFlore® Live Probiotic Serum Concentrate to deliver a topical dose of nourishing nutrients and anti-oxidants.

These are great for treating water retention that causes puffy eyes and bags. Our Serum also contains Pycnogenol®, a powerful ingredient used to reduce wrinkles caused by UV rays.

Gentle massage can increase circulation around the eyes, reducing puffiness and smoothing wrinkles.

Try popping a jade roller in the refrigerator to chill and use for a gentle, soothing massage. 

Clean eating and good lifestyle choices can go a long way toward taking care of your skin- especially around the eye area.

Hydrate regularly, eat well and stay out of the sun. Smoking has a significant impact on the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin- especially around the eyes, so if you smoke, quitting is your first line of defense. 

Taking care of your eyes is as simple as taking care of yourself- but a little extra help from a great moisturizer (of course we recommend LaFLore® Live Probiotic Daily-Defense Moisturizer), and a great Serum full of nutrients, like LaFlore® Live Probiotic Serum Concentrate can help keep your eyes looking younger for years to come. 


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