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How to Prep Your Skin For Spring

When the seasons change, your skincare should too, and with spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to reassess your skincare routine and make some changes. The warmer weather can affect the way your skin looks and feels, but if you’re prepared, you can maintain the healthy, glowing skin you love. Here are some of the best ways to get your skin ready for the upcoming spring months.

Add SPF to your routine.

You should be wearing some sort of SPF all year round, but many of us slack on it during the winter months. Now that spring is coming, it’s the perfect time to invest in an SPF for the face. Extensive sun exposure not only results in sunburns, but it can also lead to dark spots, wrinkles, and other forms of skin damage. Look for a formula that’s designed for your skin type and that won’t negatively interact with your other skincare products or the makeup you’re wearing.

Exfoliate regularly.

As the weather transitions from winter to spring, your skin will start shedding all of the dry, dead cells that built up during the winter. Exfoliating regularly will help you get this dead skin off and keep your face looking bright and healthy. If you’re not used to using an exfoliator, start off slow, since they can result in some redness and irritation at first. You can opt for a physical exfoliant, which uses small beads to buff away dead skin cells, or you can try a stronger chemical exfoliant.

Keep blotting papers on hand.

As the weather warms up, you might find yourself feeling a little more oily than normal. To manage your oil throughout the day, keep light blotting papers on hand. Blotting papers are a very easy way to get rid of sweat without disturbing your makeup. Getting rid of the oils on your face will help keep your pores clear and prevent breakouts.

Be prepared for acne flareups.

It’s completely normal to experience acne breakouts and other types of skin irritation as the weather changes. You can fight these breakouts off quickly by being prepared with spot treatments, masks, and other skincare products that can soothe your skin– including the LaFlore® ProbioticSkincare line! By being extra caring with your skin this season, you can prevent irritation and acne before they happen.

Don’t stop moisturizing.

Many people think they don’t need to moisturize during the spring and summer since the weather is relatively humid. However, you actually need to keep a moisturizer in your routine to keep your skin balanced. Use an oil-free moisturizer in the morning to prevent sweat and shine, and opt for something heavier at night if you need a little more moisture.

Giving your skin a little TLC this season will go a long way towards getting the healthy glowing look we all crave. Try these tricks to get your skin ready for spring and prevent any damage or irritation that might come with the changing weather.

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