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How To Give Yourself A Facial Massage

Facial manipulation plays an important roll in anti-aging and stress reduction. Otherwise known as a facial massage, you are probably familiar with this treatment from seeing your facialist. Although it’s a nice treat to have someone else do this for you, a DIY version of the facial massage is something you can practice every day and you can get a lot of the same skin-clearing, relaxing benefits by doing it yourself. Here’s how to give yourself an incredible facial massage.

Start by cleansing your face.

Before you can get started with your facial massage, you need to make sure your face is clean. If you give yourself a massage without washing your face first, you’ll actually be rubbing dirt and oils further into your pores, which can cause irritation. Start by washing your hands thoroughly, and then use a makeup remover to get any traces off of your face. Then, wash again with a foaming cleanser for a thorough double cleanse.

Moisturize your hands.

You want your hands to feel nice and smooth as they are gliding across your face. You’ve probably noticed that estheticians always moisturize their hands before they start working, and doing the same can make your DIY massage that much more effective. Take a light moisturizer and really work it into your hands, smoothing them out and warming things up.

Gently massage in upward motions.

When you are ready to start massaging, start at your chin and move your hands up and out towards your temples. Be gentle, as too much pressure could pull and irritate your skin. Massaging upward helps prevent your skin from sagging, but still works out any tension that you could be carrying in the part of your face. In addition to the moisturizer you have already applied, you can massage in oil or serum if you would like. This will help your regular skincare products penetrate your skin even more for a deeper effect.

Be very gentle around your eye region.

Your eye area is very delicate, so you want to be extremely careful when massaging there. If you add too much pressure, it could eventually result in wrinkles or other irritation in the area. Gently patting your eye products in without pulling is a great way to stimulate it without irritation.

Use rollers and other gua sha tools for a more intense massage.

If you want an even deeper face massage than you can get with your own hands, consider using gua sha tools. Jade rollers and other similar tools have become very accessible lately, and you can probably find them at your local beauty stores. These allow you to apply even more pressure without damaging your skin.

If you want even more guidance when giving yourself a facial massage, try watching videos on YouTube. This video by Dr. Mona Vand is a great place to start if you need some guidance when giving yourself a face massage, but there are plenty of resources you can find with a simple search. Adding this step to your skincare routine is a great way to release tension in your face and prevent aging.

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