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How To Conquer Festival Season

Festival season is here, and it’s time to let loose, enjoy your favorite music, and have a great time with friends. However, spending all that time partying outside isn’t always great for your health. Some savvy planning can help you stay healthy at your upcoming festivals while still having an amazing time. Here are some top tips for surviving festival season.

Invest In reusable Items
Eating and drinking at festivals can lead to a lot of waste, with so many plastic water bottles and silverware. Bringing reusable items will help you be eco-friendly while still having fun. Carrying a cute reusable water bottle is also a great reminder to stay hydrated. In addition to a water bottle, you can purchase cute metal straws and silverware online for affordable prices.

Bring Wipes 
When you spend so much time outside, you can get pretty dirty, and while that’s part of the fun of the festival, it can result in illness or infection if you aren’t careful. If you can’t take a shower, make sure you bring some sanitizing baby wipes to use on your armpits, nether regions, and anywhere else you get sweaty. You should also take hand sanitizer or a sanitizing spray to kill germs quickly on the go. To prevent breakouts, be sure to bring oil blotters and makeup wipes as well.

Keep Your Feet Comfy
Since you will be on your feet all day during the festival, it’s essential that you have supportive, comfortable shoes. Your favorite pair of heels may look cute, but they can also result in injuries. Look for closed toed shoes like sneakers that provide some support for your arches, or add arch supports to a pair you already have. Sneakers are very trendy right now, so you can look fashionable without compromising your health.

Stock Up On Sunscreen
Being out in the sun all day can be hazardous, particularly if you have fair, sensitive skin. Extensive sun exposure can lead to painful sunburns as well as more serious conditions like skin cancer if you aren’t careful. Keep a bottle of sunscreen on you at all times, and set an alarm on your phone to remind you to reapply every hour – even if it’s cloudy outside. It also will help to look for a foundation that has SPF in it to protect your face.

Take Your Supplements
With so much dancing and partying, festivals can be draining. Be sure to take your vitamins to give your body a boost and ensure you don’t contract any illnesses that might be floating around. You should also bring nourishing skincare products, like moisturizing oils and sprays, to make sure that your body’s largest organ doesn’t sustain any damage.

When planning for your next festival, be sure to pack all of these essentials to stay healthy. Healthy festival practices are worth the extra effort – they mean you will have more energy to dance the night away at all of your favorite shows.

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