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House Plants 101: The Best House Plants + Their Benefits

Having plants around your house not only makes your space feel stylish, but they also have benefits for your physical and mental health. Even the smallest plants can make your space just a bit healthier and happier. Here are some of the best plants to keep around your house and why they are so beneficial.

Spider Plant
Spider plants are excellent beginner house plants. They are almost impossible to kill because they only require indirect sunlight and need minimal watering. They also clean the air of your home by absorbing specific chemicals, most notably formaldehyde.

Peace Lily
Another beautiful plant that is great for keeping your air cleaner is the peace lily. They absorb a variety of pollutants, like ammonia, formaldehyde, among others. These are a great option if you love flowering plants because they smell nice and grow beautiful white flowers in the spring and summer. They grow best in shady parts of your home.

Aloe Vera
The aloe plant has a unique look, and it is also known for the benefits it can have for your skin. It produces a gel that you can put on inflamed skin like wounds, rashes, or sunburns. They are relatively easy to take care of – the most significant responsibility you have with an aloe plant is making sure you drain the pot regularly, as standing water can be detrimental to the leaves.

Bamboo plants add style and create a serene atmosphere encompassing the perfect haven for relaxation. They also filter various chemicals out of the air, and they are particularly effective because they can grow to be very, very tall – sometimes up to the ceiling. They do like bright, direct light, so it’s important to put them by a window.

Benefits of Houseplants
One of the best reasons to keep plants in your home is because they keep your air clean. Plants absorb carbon dioxide, and they produce oxygen, so they make it easier for us to breathe. Some plants will even absorb other pollutants, so they are actually cleaning the air and making it feel less toxic. This can reduce our chances of getting an illness.

Houseplants also have mental health benefits. They create a positive atmosphere that helps us relax. Not only does this help us to stay focused and happy while we are working, but it can also help us heal faster when we’re injured or sick. Stress affects our physical and mental well-being, so when we have things like plants to reduce our stress, we feel better physically too.

If you don’t currently have plants in your home, it’s effortless to incorporate them into your decor. If you don’t have much space, opt for a few tiny potted plants or hang foliage from your ceiling with delicate macrame hangers. No matter the size of your space, incorporating plant life should be at the top of your list for creating a healthy living area with stylish natural elements.

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