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Healing Crystals For Skin Care

Crystals are trending in the wellness community and have been used for healing in many ancient traditions. They’re beloved by celebrities, and rare crystals have become very expensive and are highly sought after. If you want to bring some good vibes into your skincare routine, you may want to consider using crystals. Many skincare brands are starting to infuse their products with crystals. Here are some of the crystal trends that have become popular in the beauty community, and how they can help your skin.

Rollers and Gua Sha 

Gua sha sculpting tools were a big part of ancient Chinese beauty and medicine, and they are making a comeback in the beauty industry today. Gua sha tools are designed to be pressed onto the contours of the face to increase blood flow and healing for the skin. Rollers are used in a very similar way. Many of today’s most popular gua sha tools are made with rose quartz and jade crystals. Rose quartz is said to promote healing, empathy, and self-love while physically improving circulation. Jade is considered to be a protective stone that fosters friendship, love, and nurturing.

Crystal Bath Salts

After a stressful day, sitting in the bath is an excellent way to relax. Using crystal derived bath salts is a great way to help your skin, body, and mind heal. A crystal bath soak combines the physically therapeutic properties of a hot bath with the mental well-being that crystals promote. Amethyst is a popular crystal for bath salts because it is a stress reliever and can soothe negative emotions. Rose quartz is often used in bath salts as well.

Highlighter Makeup

What better way to give your skin a glow than to apply crystals directly to your face? Highlighter is one of the trendiest beauty products on the market. Some brands are incorporating finely crushed crystals into their formulas for truly reflective results. Some popular crystals used in highlighters include citrine, which stimulates creativity and intellect, as well as tourmaline, which promotes confidence and happiness.


A rejuvenating mask is a great way to pamper your skin after a stressful period in life. Some brands incorporate a blend of crystals to their masks to boost the already healing powers of their natural ingredients. In addition to some of the other crystals we’ve mentioned, you can find masks containing pearl, which encourages personal integrity and calmness, sapphire, which promotes logical thought, and malachite, which encourages positive change.


Ground crystals have the perfect texture for a physical exfoliant, which buffs away dead skin cells to reveal the healthy layer underneath. A popular crystal for exfoliating is ruby, which is an energizing crystal that encourages joy and confidence.

The combination of crystals and soothing natural ingredients can be beneficial for your skin. If you already love crystals for physical and mental well-being, then you will enjoy using them in your skincare products too.

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