Journal Prompts, New Year Goals

Five Meaningful Journal Prompts for the New Year

Journal Prompts

Many of us keep a journal for reflection and jotting down inspiration. Whatever you use your journal for, it can be a great mirror to show us things about ourselves that may not qualify as the obvious. 

We’ve come up with five pretty meaningful (we think so, anyway) things to journal about and reflect upon at the start of 2020. 

  1. One of the best places to begin is gratitude. Write down ten things you’re grateful for right now, today. Don’t worry about the past or the future. Think about what you’re thankful for now. 
  2. Based on your list of gratitude, write down as many things as you can that bring you happiness and jot down ways to either share that joy or bring more into your daily life in 2020.
  3. Building on your reflections on gratitude and what brings you joy, jot down four or five intentions you’d like to set for yourself for 2020. Intentions for your health, relationships, mental well-being, career, whatever it is in your life you feel you may need to set some goals for. 
  4. Think about the limiting beliefs you may have around these intentions. Is there some part of you that has doubt you can make it happen? If so, confront that doubt and write it down. You’d be surprised how this small gesture can help let go of those limiting beliefs.
  5. Jot down some good intentions for those around you. Get specific, think about someone who’s having a difficult time, or someone you don’t even know but feel like they may need some loving kindness sent their way and write out what you’d like to make happen for them and brainstorm little things you can do to contribute to that.  

Whatever you decide to write, revisit it later on and re-read it. It’ll be interesting to see what was on your mind and what came from your musings. Even if your thoughts didn’t evolve into action, that’s fine. It’s still a really good way to get to know yourself. 


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