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Facial Massages At Home: A Quick Guide

Facial Massage

(Image via Dr. Mona Vand)

We’re all about the spa facial around here at LaFlore®, but it’s possible to experience a relaxing, rejuvenating facial right at home. This guide offers up a few tips on how to master the at-home facial massage.

Start by cleansing. 

Before beginning a facial massage, starting out with a clean slate is essential. Massage is the action of kneading and rubbing the skin and tissue underneath. Without washing the face first, the likelihood that dirt and oils will penetrate the pores is significant, which can cause irritation and acne. Start by washing hands and face thoroughly, then use a makeup remover to remove any residual makeup. Then, wash again for a thorough double cleanse. We recommend using LaFlore® Live Probiotic cleanser for a thoroughly clean, but gentle cleansing.

Moisturize those hands! 

No one likes a massage with rough hands, it just doesn’t feel so good! Also, smooth hands make the gliding motions of a good massage easier. Estheticians always moisturize their hands before they start working, the same should be done for a DIY massage. Take a light moisturizer and really work it into the hands, smoothing them out and warming things up. LaFlore®’s Daily Defense Moisturizer should do the trick. 

Gently massage in upward motions. 

Start at the chin and move up and out towards the temples. Be gentle, as too much pressure could pull and irritate the skin. Massaging upward helps prevent sagging, but still works out any tension that could be carried in the face. In addition to applying moisturizer oil or serum can be a pampering enhancement to a facial massage.  

Be very gentle around the eyes. 

The thin skin around the eye area is very delicate, so be extremely careful when massaging there. Too much pressure could promote the development of wrinkles or other irritation. Gently patting eye products around the eye area, taking care not to pull stimulates without irritation. LaFlore® Live Probiotic Serum Concentrate is an excellent choice for gentle pampering of that delicate area around the eyes.

Use rollers and other gua sha tools for a more intense massage. 

Jade rollers and other similar tools (Gua Sha tools) can provide an even deeper massage than using hands alone. Usually found at beauty and skin care stores, these tools allow the application of more pressure without damaging the skin. 

Want more information about how to conduct a great at-home facial massage? There are many informational YouTube videos for reference, this one by Dr. Mona Vand is one of our favorites. She’s very thorough, and she’s a virtual wellspring of information. There are also plenty of resources you can find with a simple internet search. Adding a DIY facial massage to any skincare routine is a great way to release tension in the face and prevent aging.

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