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Everyday Wellness – Perilla Seed Oil

Move over coconut oil, there’s a new superfood in town.

Perilla seed oil (or Japanese Mint as it is more commonly called) has recently begun gaining traction in the Western wellness movement as a source of quality antioxidants and skin health-boosting benefits.

Perilla frutescens, which has long been a common ingredient in Japanese and Korean cuisine, has been shown to have a positive impact on everything from improving skin health to supporting the body’s ability to fight compromising free radicals.

Ready to learn more about this broad spectrum superfood? Let’s dive in!

Quality source of omega 3’s 

As awareness around the Western diet’s chronic lack of omega 3 fat acids continues to grow, many people have opted to add this important nutritional component to their wellness-oriented lifestyle. Supplementation with omega 3 helps rectify dietary imbalances that can lead to issues such as chronically dry skin, brittle hair, nails, low energy, and sleep issues.

The most common source of omega 3 is cold water fish but this may not be the right choice for those who prefer a plant-based diet or wish to stay away from animal derived products in general. As a 100% plant-derived oil, perilla frutescens makes an excellent choice for vegans who’d like to add more omega 3 to their nutritional intake.

Other benefits 

Perilla seed oil delivers a hefty dose of antioxidant protection when taken internally and gives your body a boost of immune support. Applied topically, it protects your skin from the degenerative effects of free-radicals caused by pollution and other environmental aggressors.

This star of the plant oil world also helps stimulate the circulatory system which leads to improved oxygenation, and in turn, more efficient removal of waste products and enhanced delivery of important nutrients to developing skin cells.

Rosmarninic acid, a chemical compound that’s also been gaining awareness in wellness circles of late, is also found in perilla seed oil. Its many benefits include antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

As a significant source of vitamin E and alpha-linolenic acid, perilla seed oil dramatically improves the skin’s barrier function by delivering noncomedogenic lipids to the surface of the skin which decreases transepidermal water loss.

Last but not least, perilla seed oil’s neutral taste makes it a wonderful addition to many different recipes. We like to add it to salads, smoothies and low temperature cooked dishes as an alternative to coconut oil, olive oil or avocado oil.

Why it’s a LaFlore® superstar

With an incredible variety of benefits, it’s no surprise this botanical powerhouse is used across the board in all LaFlore® formulations. We love it for its ability to deliver a wide array of holistic benefits and give skin the around the clock nourishment needed for vibrantly healthy skin.

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