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Bring Wellness Into Your Workplace

Having a stable work-life balance is essential to your employees’ success. And helping them create and maintain healthy habits is not only good for their body but also their mental health.

Finding small ways to incorporate wellness into your workplace will help generate a happier atmosphere, and some studies suggest, employees will likely be more productive too. Showing you care about your employees’ well-being will motivate them to work harder and be more engaged at work. Here are some meaningful ways to bring wellness into your workplace. 

Provide healthy snacks and drinks. 

An easy way to make your workplace a little healthier is to keep the community kitchen stocked with healthy items like organic protein bars, sparkling water, vegetables with organic hummus, berries, yogurt, and so much more. If you know your employees have food sensitivities or are on specific diets, make their day by having snacks for them on hand that they can eat if they get hungry.

Incorporate plants into office decor. 

It’s proven that having plants in your immediate environment can help you feel less stressed and more energized. Putting them in your office will not only help the space look more attractive, but it will also help your employees feel more relaxed. It’s easy to find small plants at a local nursery – ask for options that will do well inside and don’t need too much maintenance. 

Be flexible with employees’ schedules. 

When employees feel like they don’t have the time or flexibility to take care of their personal needs, it can be overwhelming, and make it difficult for them to be productive at work. To help your employees take better care of themselves, offer flexible schedules when possible. For example, letting your employees work from home when they need can actually result in them working more productively and getting sick less often. Enabling employees to be flexible with their breaks during the day, and to run essential errands or schedule appointments during the day when necessary, can also help them feel less stressed. Put the focus more on getting the work done no matter how it gets done.

Create an onsite wellness center.

Many businesses are making areas in their building dedicated to yoga, meditation, and fitness for their employees to take advantage of. Some are even having a yoga instructor come in weekly to put on a yoga class for whoever wants to partake! It’s a great way to bring a little more fun to your environment and create a calm, tranquil place where people can work off energy, get their fitness in, and be encouraged to live an active lifestyle. If you don’t have the space for a wellness center, offer to pay for your employee’s meditation app subscription or workout membership, whether it be at a traditional gym or a yoga studio. They will greatly appreciate you valuing their health. 

Start a wellness challenge.

This is a great team-building activity and brings on the excitement of a little friendly competition while also encouraging your employees to be proactive with their health. Whether the challenge is based on nutrition, fitness, meditation, or whatever you choose, it will surely make a positive difference in your employee’s daily routine. If you aren’t sure where to start, check local health and fitness programs that offer 30-day challenges. Many different companies like Orangetheory and Crossfit have scheduled events; however, it can also be simple like training for your local 5K, drinking three liters of water per day, or doing “meatless Mondays.”

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