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Best Serum For Glowing Skin

Adding a serum to your skincare routine can completely transform the way your face looks and feels. A serum is packed full of the nutrients that your skin needs to heal from damage, stay hydrated, and feel soft and supple. The LaFlore® Probiotic Serum Concentrate is the best serum for glowing skin because it helps boost your skin’s defense systems with live probiotics. Here’s what you need to know about this exciting new skincare ingredient.

How do probiotics work? 

You’ve probably heard that you can take probiotics to benefit your digestive system, but they work well as a skincare supplement too. LaFlore®’s Probiotic Serum Concentrate uses Triphase Multibiotics to minimize the ‘bad’ bacteria on your skin while giving the ‘good’ bacteria a place where it can thrive. This helps improve your skin’s natural defenses, so you will be less likely to experience skin damage.

What are the key ingredients in the LaFlore® Probiotic Serum Concentrate? 

The LaFlore® Probiotic Serum Concentrate contains several other healthy ingredients besides the probiotics. It uses aloe as a base, which makes it very calming and soothing. Aloe can heal dry, damaged skin, mainly after you’ve been in the sun for an extended period. The serum also contains natural plant-based oils, including sea buckthorn oil and St. John’s Wort oil. These plant extracts have the skin protecting properties of chemical-based ingredients but without the harsh side effects. They are very soothing and help to heal your skin.

How should I use the LaFlore serum? 

Anyone can use the LaFlore serum – it’s suitable for all skin types, whether you’re dry, oily, or have combination skin. Ideally, you should use it once a day in the evening, so it has time to soak in and heal your skin. If you already use a serum but want the probiotic benefits of the LaFlore® version, you can mix the two in a one-to-one ratio. Massage it gently into your face, as well as down onto your neck and upper chest.

What are the benefits of the LaFlore® Probiotic Serum Concentrate? 

There are many benefits to adding the LaFlore® Probiotic Serum Concentrate into your daily routine. The most significant advantage is that it improves your skin’s natural defense mechanisms, so you’ll be less likely to experience future skin damage. It also contains natural ingredients and is formulated to be gentle. It is appropriate for all skin types and won’t cause harsh reactions the way that chemical products do.

No matter what your skin struggles, the LaFlore® Live Probiotic Serum Concentrate can help to correct them. The probiotics help boost the production of collagen and elastin, which help the skin look younger and fuller. The sea buckthorn oil soothes acne breakouts, but can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines. The result is skin with a naturally smooth texture- even more reason to add this serum to your routine for glowing skin!

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