In the Press: Best Probiotic Skin Care Dermatologist Recommendations 2018

Originally published in Business Insider

Harsh cleansers could be disrupting your skin’s ‘good bacteria’ barrier and contributing to your acne — here’s what a dermatologist recommends you do to restore the balance

If you’ve ever heard someone caution you against using hand sanitizer religiously, you can probably imagine what dermatologists think of harsh soaps and facial cleansers.

Your skin has more than one trillion bacteria on it —an “invisible rainforest of microorganisms” originating from approximately one thousand different species. When you perpetually use harsh antibacterial soaps and cleansers, though, you strip the skin of its healthy bacteria — and you upset your skin’s healthy microbiome, which results in breakouts, rosacea flares, psoriasis, eczema, and more issues that are likely to be met with more soap and cleansers. But, if you work to restore your skin’s natural balance, you allow its “good bugs” to help fight infections, combat environmental damage, boost your immune system, and keep skin looking hydrated and clear. Plus, the results are sustainable — it’s effectively the equivalent of “teach a man to fish” but for your skin’s health.

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Published: June 27, 2018

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