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5 Toxic Ingredients Secretly Hiding in Your Skincare

Our skincare products are a way we treat ourselves to indulging in self-care and play a major role in health and wellness. However, you will be surprised by how many brands use toxic ingredients in their products without you even realizing. When you purchase a product with a complex formulation, it’s easy to gloss over the ingredients list without taking the time to fully understand what’s in the product. However, it’s something worth spending some time on, so that you can avoid potentially harmful items and stick to products that are truly nourishing for your skin. Here are five toxic ingredients you might not have realized were in your skincare.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies this ingredient as a pesticide, but you would be surprised by just how often it shows up in skincare products. Many brands include it because it is a very strong antibacterial ingredient, but it’s actually too strong – it will completely strip your skin, ridding it of even the good bacteria that keep your skin balanced and healthy. This nasty ingredient can also have negative effects on your hormones as well as the environment.


This ingredient has actually been banned in some countries internationally, but many brands in the United States still use it. This ingredient is intended to help you achieve a more even skin tone, but it can actually reduce your skin’s elasticity and youthfulness. Even more concerning, this ingredient is also a potential skin allergen and could even possibly be a respiratory toxin.

Sodium Laurel Sulfate

This ingredient is often abbreviated to SLS on beauty packaging, and it’s definitely a sneaky one to watch out for. It’s often used to create a foamy lather in cleansers, but it can also be incredibly irritating for your skin. It is naturally drying, so it will upset the healthy balance of your skin when used consistently, and it also has a degenerative effect on cells. Luckily, many beauty companies are starting to avoid this ingredient in the products as the public is becoming more educated.


This is a potentially very dangerous component that frequently finds its way into your beauty products under the name ‘fragrance’, so it’s hard to determine if it’s there just by reading the label. It’s been found to be disruptive to your body’s natural hormone cycle, and it may even cause birth defects in children.


This ingredient is often shortened to MIT on labels, and it’s another harsh antibacterial component that can strip your skin of helpful natural oils and good bacteria. Worse, it could potentially be toxic to your brain cells, so you don’t want to take the chance of exposing yourself to it in your products.

These harmful ingredients are often found hiding deep in the label list of your favorite products where you are less likely to notice them. To keep your skin and body safe, always research your skincare products, and look for brands that make an active effort to create gentle, natural products that aren’t going to hurt you.

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