Earth Day, Go Green

5 Tips to Have An Epic Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up, and it’s the perfect opportunity to take stock of how environmentally friendly you are. You can use this as a day to really appreciate our planet and all of the beautiful resources and benefits it provides for us. Here are five tips to help you have a great Earth Day this year.

  1. Unplug and get outside.

We live in an age of digital technology, and it’s so easy to feel utterly reliant on our cell phones and computers. However, this Earth Day, try turning off your devices and spending some time outside appreciating the world around you. You may even want to take things a step further by turning your lights off to reduce your energy use. You can go for a hike, spend time at the beach, or even go camping. Just be sure not to leave behind any litter.

  1. Treat your body with kindness.

Another great way to celebrate Earth Day is to consume only products that are made with natural ingredients. Many synthetic products are harmful to us and create more waste on our planet as well. There are so many ways to do this – you can use eco-friendly and natural products for your skincare and body care routine, as well as eating organic, naturally processed foods. Look for products that use eco-friendly packaging in addition to being natural themselves.

  1. Try an alternative form of transit.

If you usually rely on your car to get around, consider celebrating Earth Day by using another type of transit to get to work or school. Leaving your car at home reduces the amount of emissions that are contributing to global warming and other environmental problems. If you have public transit in your area, try taking the bus or the train. If the weather’s nice, consider biking or even just taking a walk. If none of these options are available to you, you can try carpooling with coworkers. You might be surprised by how convenient these alternative transit options are.

  1. Go for reusable items.

Reusing items like water bottles, silverware, and coffee mugs are a great way to reduce the amount of waste on our planet. If you don’t already have reusable items in your kitchen, Earth Day is the perfect time to invest in them. You’ll probably even be able to find a cute, fashion-forward water bottle.

  1. Grow your own food.

If you like to cook with fruits and vegetables, consider starting your own mini garden. Many of these items are easy to grow at home, and they taste extra delicious when they are fresh. You can use a patch of land in the backyard or even just plant them in pots. Do some research to find out which foods grow best in your area.

Our earth does so much for us, so it’s worth taking the time to give back to the planet. Use these tips to have an amazing and environmentally friendly Earth Day, and share them with your friends so that they can celebrate too.


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