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5 Skin Care Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

If you were to ask people what their biggest beauty wish is, chances are many of them would want clearer, more radiant skin. Glowing skin is a sign to those around you that you are healthy and happy, but it can be very difficult to actually achieve. It’s particularly frustrating if you feel like you’ve already tried every trick to get your skin clear. In this article, we’ll share some unique skincare secrets you haven’t heard before to help you achieve the radiant glow you covet.

Probiotic Skin Care

You’ve probably heard of taking probiotic supplements for your digestive system, but did you know that probiotics are also very good for your skin? Using a skin cream, serum, and/or cleanser can actually help reduce redness and acne to give your skin a glowing look. Probiotics are a form of ‘good’ bacteria that are live, which makes them particularly effective for clearing out the ‘bad’ bacteria that’s causing your skin issues. In addition to adding this step to your skin care regimen, taking a probiotic supplement can also reduce your chances of getting dietary-related acne.

Tea Bag Eye Mask

If you struggle with tired, puffy eyes, natural tea bags can actually work as a simple way to get rid of them. Tea itself is very soothing and good for your body, so placing it on your eyes can have a soothing effect that reduces inflammation and helps your skin look subtly brighter. Before placing the tea bags on your eyes, put them in the refrigerator to give them a cooling effect. This will reduce the inflammation around your eyes. This is a good alternative to other facial products that contain artificial ingredients that could be damaging to your skin. Green tea liquid can also be applied to your face as a gentle toner.

Rosehip Oil Moisturizer

An easy way to keep your skin hydrated is to combine rosehip oil with sweet almond oil and use it as a moisturizer. It has a very light, pleasant consistency that nourishes the skin without causing breakouts while giving it a dose of vitamin C and E. It’s also completely natural, so it won’t cause irritation, and it has a pleasant smell that isn’t overwhelming. If you’ve tried complex moisturizers that have resulted in breakouts, this combination is a simpler, natural option that could work for you.

Tea Tree Oil Acne Spot Treatment

Tea tree oil is one of the best natural skin care products for acne. It reduces inflammation and kills bacteria quickly to keep your skin clear. You can find diluted tea tree oil skin care products from many natural retailers. A little goes a long way with tea tree oil, so be sure to use it just as a spot treatment or as a very light layer of toner.

Natural Sunscreen

One of the best ways to get your skin looking healthier is simply to protect it from the sun. Sun damage can exacerbate the appearance of acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles drastically. Look for a natural sunscreen that doesn’t contain any parabens or other chemicals to protect your face.

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