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5 Powerful Herbs That Boost Brain Power

Looking to boost your brain power? There are many natural ingredients that are excellent for stimulating your brain functioning. Taking these herbs in a supplement or adding them to your diet is an effectual way to give your brain cells the support they need. Here are five of the best herbs for your brain.

  1. Turmeric

India and many other eastern countries have used turmeric in their cooking for centuries, and it’s starting to become popular in the west now too. Turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory benefits for your entire body, but early research also suggests it can be great for your brain as well. It prevents your brain cells from breaking down over time, and it can even get rid of beta-amyloid, a compound that has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease. You can consume turmeric on its own by taking a turmeric shot or drinking a turmeric juice, but you can also add the spice to your cooking for a similar effect.

  1. Sage

Not only does sage smell great, but it also has incredible benefits for your mental health. There is some evidence to support that sage could improve your memory and even be beneficial for Alzheimer’s patients. While there’s still more research to be done on this topic, it can’t hurt to add this delicious herb to your diet. It tastes great as a meat seasoning, in soups, or in pasta.

  1. Ginseng

Ginseng is an herb that has become popular in the last few decades as an ingredient in coffee and energy drinks. It has effects similar to caffeine, but without the crash, so it’s great to take if you frequently find yourself feeling foggy at work. It’s been used in Chinese medicine for a very long time, and it has anti-inflammatory properties that are great for your brain and your body overall. Like turmeric, it could block beta-amyloid, so it could be beneficial in fighting off Alzheimer’s disease. To add it to your diet, look for drinks that contain ginseng, or make your own ginseng tea by cutting it up and steeping it in hot water.

  1. Rosemary

Rosemary is a prevalent essential oil, and the scent of it can actually keep your brain sharp. In alternative medicine, rosemary is often used to boost mental clarity and memory. If you want to stay focused during an important task, diffuse rosemary essential oil in your space. Preliminary studies have found that smelling rosemary improves speed and accuracy when working on mental tasks.

  1. Periwinkle

This flower is excellent for brain health because it improves blood flow to your brain. It can also raise your serotonin levels, which keeps you calm and relaxed. In particular, periwinkle contains a substance called vinpocetine, which could help in treating cognitive impairments. While there’s still more research to be done, initial studies show that periwinkle has the potential to keep your brain sharp and healthy as you develop and age.

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