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5 Detox Treatments For When Your Body Needs A Reset

If you’re feeling weighed down, stressed out, or that your health isn’t up to par, it may be time for a reset. Although your body has a natural detoxification process, incorporating a detox treatment can help you mentally and physically get to a healthier place. An effective detox will leave you feeling lighter and more energetic and is a great way to boost your confidence and get a fresh start. Here are five incredible detox treatments that will help you get on the right track.


Colonics are a treatment designed to cleanse your colon–a.k.a your large intestine. They are typically done by a colonics specialist, who uses a mixture of water or other fluids inserted into the rectum to cleanse this area of the body. Considering our digestive tract is one of the most overworked systems in the body, and our gut is where the majority of our immune system thrives, getting a colonic can support your systems processes and help rejuvenate these organs so they can function at their highest level.  A session lasts for about an hour and has been shown to reduce constipation and get rid of harmful bacteria growing in the colon. Colonics do come with some health risks, just like every detox, so it’s important to talk to a specialist to fully understand the process before getting one.


Cryotherapy is an extreme form of cold therapy that has become very popular among athletes over the last few years. If you struggle with muscle tension and pain, a cryotherapy session can help give your muscles a reset, reducing inflammation and helping your body heal faster. Many proponents of cryotherapy also say that it improves the quality of their skin, hair, and nails. Cryotherapy has also been shown to help with weight loss because it forces your body to burn calories to stay warm in the extreme cold temperature. While the cold can feel overwhelming at first, you are only in the chamber for three minutes, and because they use dry air, your body can withstand these sub-zero temperatures.

Infrared Sauna

Saunas have always been considered an effective detox treatment, but the infrared sauna is a new take on this treatment that heats you from within. Some centers are set up the way a traditional sauna would be, but with infrared lights installed throughout the room. Others use small, sleeping bag-like pods to deliver the infrared to you more effectively. Because viruses and bacteria cannot survive inside your body when the internal temperature is elevated, it provides a great way to cleanse your system not only through heat but also detoxing through sweating.


This is a very intense Ayurvedic detox treatment that lasts for three to four weeks. At a Panchakarma center, the staff will help you detox your mind as well as your body. The center provides a healing, cleansing diet, along with many healing treatments like massages, oils, steam baths, and more to help you get out all the toxins your body has absorbed over the years. If you are looking to submerge yourself in an environment for an elongated period of time to deeply detox your body, this may be the treatment for you!


One of the most available detox treatments to do on your own is fasting. You can partake in a water, juice, or fasting mimicking style fast to give your digestion a break from continually breaking down food, energize your cells, and naturally get rid of toxins. Many different companies take the guesswork out of fasting and also provide many resources to keep you on track.

With an array of options, many different detox styles are available to help cleanse your body and provide a reset when you feel off track. Try a detox treatment once per month to see which best suits your lifestyle and be sure to keep track by journaling or recording your experience so you can revisit how you felt before, during, and after the process, what worked best, how you slept, energy levels, etc.


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