How do I incorporate sunscreen into my Laflore Probiotic regime?

Apply LaFlore Probiotic moisturizer in the morning and then apply sunscreen over it if exposure to the sun is anticipated. LaFlore is in early development, working on sunscreen products and even now, the ingredients selected will provide some skin protection.

My skin seems too shiny . Why and what should I do?

LaFlore Probiotic Moisturizer has brighteners for an immediate glow, but you can cut the shine by finishing with an application of a small amount of probiotic serum on top. It is also fine to use a dust of powder over the moisturizer if you prefer to lessen the brightening effect.

Does LaFlore provide exfoliation?

LaFlore probiotic cleanser provides gentle exfoliation through the enzyme bromelain, a pineapple extract that gently exfoliates the skin without disrupting the skin’s barrier function. Perilla seed oil in our cleanser also aides in the cell exfoliation by increasing blood flow to the skin and enhancing the cell production.

What is the Probiotic Cleanser unique scent?

Our cleanser was purposely created to obtain results with essential oils chosen for therapeutic purposes without the addition of perfumes. The LaFlore distinct scent comes from organic natural ingredients that provide gentle and effective cleansing properties.

  • Lemongrass is chosen for it’s energizing and cleansing properties as well as it’s ability to purifies and tones the skin.
  • The Spearmint essential oil provides the refreshing aroma that clears the mind and uplifts the mood.
  • Perrila seed oil is a wonderful protectant and has potent anti-inflammatory properties. It help with circulation thus revitalized the skin.
  • Most of the scent in this formula come from the ingredient called Bisabolo which is a main component if the chamomile flowers. This ingredient is known for its numerous properties including anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, healing and soothing. It has also proven to help protect our skin against the environmental stress such as UV – naturally.
  • Bergamot oil is specifically added to the moisturizer for its calming aromatherapy. This oil has been used to help reduce feeling of stress and because of its ability to uplift and calm.
Why is LaFlore not as thick as my usual products.

Thicker product does not equate to being more efficacious if it is laying on top of the skin and not penetrating the cells

LaFlore Probiotic Serum was formulated to glide evenly and easily across the skin as it delivers the live-active probiotics evenly across the face, neck and décolletage. Most serums are water based, not as hydrating and there is evaporation. LaFlore moisturizer is similar in that we do not want a heavy, thick cushion but have the consistency be absorbed to support the hydration of the skin cells. In time, the LaFlore Probiotic line will enhance your skin’s nourishment and at the cellular level, each cell will begin to produce cell hydration on it’s own.

What are Active Probiotics vs Probiotics

Our skin has good bacteria that is ‘live’ and already there, called human microbiome and we experience constant challenges in our gut and on our skin with the good vs the bad bacteria. So when you bring active cultures to your already good bacteria, you are reinforcing your skin and boosting the good flora. LaFlore active cultures are brought to the skin to nourish and build your skin’s immunity, to calm and ultimately diminish the bad bacterias. Building and strengthening the skin with healthy skin flora, will help protect the skin from environmental elements such as yeast, mold, staph, mrsa, ecoli etc. Our skin protects us from the elements every second of the day.

LaFlore stands out because LaFlore is actually one of the very few, if not the only, that has ‘active cultures’ dormant within serum (patent technology) these cultures become live once they are introduced into the oxygen, meaning once we apply it on our skin…this ignites our skin to counter any other unwanted bacteria. LaFlore is an opportunity to replenish the good flora to the skin and allow your skin to create it’s own good flora. Healthy skin is achieved.

Are the LaFlore Probiotic products safe when I am pregnant?

All the ingredients are safe and we have done cytotoxicity testing. Based on these results we can say all the products are safe to be used, however every product out there always specifies checking with your OBGYN prior to using, if you are pregnant or nursing. Some natural products cannot be used while pregnant or nursing and it should be up to OBGYN to make the determination.

I don’t have any skin issues, why should I use a probiotic skin care line?

Choosing your skin care line is like choosing to eat healthy. The skin needs to eat, breath, is it can thrive. You do not need to have skin issues to benefit from LaFlore probiotic skin care. It is about giving your skin the nutrients it needs to function normally and protect itself throughout the day. We encounter unwanted bacteria, environmental stresses and some chemicals that may be harsh, so the right protection is important and choosing LaFlore is a healthier way of treating your skin. We nourish our body to regain health and LaFlore will nourish your skin to maintain, enhance and restore you skin’s health.

My skin is already oily…why do the LaFlore products have oils listed in the ingredients?

The selected oils contribute to healthy hydration for optimal skin nourishment. Our skin needs good oils and when the skin does not receive oils, it produces more oil and tries to lube itself. LaFlore Probiotics introduces good oils, vitamins and nutrients for healthy skin function. Your skin will work with the natural, ‘clean’ ingredients and your skin will not have a need to produce more oils.

May I use self tanners on my face while using LaFlore?

LaFlore Probiotics make all other regimens better due to many beneficial ingredients within our system. The beautiful part about using LaFlore is that Laflore actually helps control the cell turnover on more natural pathways and works in synergy with self tanners. As a lot of self-tanners out there are very drying to the skin, LaFlore Probiotic Concentrated Serum helps restore hydration. By bringing hydration, healthier cells that stay livelier longer…so, the self tanners may last longer.

Are your products Organic?

We use organic materials when available … all of our formulas are made with all natural/plant based ingredients.

What is your Return Policy?

At LaFlore, we want you to love our products as much as you love your skin and want you to be completely satisfied with your products . We will accept any full-sized product for a return or exchange, as long as it is at least half full and received within 30 days of initial purchase. Please note we do not cover return shipping costs.

To initiate your return, email A return made to our warehouse or a return made without initiating a return by email will not be accepted and a refund will not be issued.

Once your return is initiated, you have 14 calendar days to send the item(s) and for the return to be marked delivered. Once 14 days has passed from the return initiation date, your order is no longer eligible for a full refund. Please keep records of return shipments, for proof of date shipped. LaFlore is not responsible for a return shipment, including instances of missing item(s) or mis-delivered shipments.

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