Company Overview

Dakota Biotech was founded to develop innovative health products targeting the medical and luxury consumer markets.

We are committed to creating sustainable, high-performance organic products using groundbreaking technologies. With an initial focus on pharmaceutical-grade and consumer probiotic skin care lines, distribution channels will include private labeling in physician offices, medi-spas, resorts and MLM companies and distribution of niche and boutique products featuring the latest in anti-aging biotechnologies.

Dakota Biotech scientists have developed a proprietary technology, which perfects the delicate process of infusing products with probiotics that remain potent and active over time, is synergistic blend of components, augmented by supportive, authentic ingredients, offers an exceptionally effective deliver system unrivaled in the industry.

Our Commitment

Dakota Biotech is a women led biotech company setting trends in skin health technologies that includes sought after industry leaders and scientists in the pharmaceutical and skin care industries.

We formulate and manufacture our own products right here in the United States, from start to finish, with a deep commitment to clean products, green processes and high quality ingredients.

We have stringent toxin/allergen screenings for the safest, anti-cancer and effective ingredients.

All of our products are Plant Based, ECOCERT, Gluten Free, Paraben Free, PEG Free, DEA Free, Toxin/Allergen Free and more.

We carefully select the finest ingredients procured from the source of origin at peak season.

Our highly effective proprietary probiotic technology is a result of years of research and leads the industry in this new biotechnology.

We are commitmented to giving back with a percentage of each product sold going to empowering women who need it the most, turning victims into survivors and giving a voice to the voiceless.

Our Vision

Dakota Biotech’s vision is to combine our extensive experience in advanced sciences and biotechnologies with our shared passion to create earth-friendly, naturally healthy products. We strive to continually enhance the well-being of humanity and protect planet Earth while electing revolutionary results.

Our Values

At the heart of our passion and drive is a desire to share our knowledge and experience with others.

Dakota Biotech was created to help people in an environmentally-friendly way. Continuously exploring, learning and striving for excellence, we seek to expand in an authentic way, our integrity and innovation bringing joy and enlightenment to others.

    > Integrity – Honest communication and actions.
    > Transparency – Open doors and dialogue.
    > Respect for Life – Ethical treatment of all people, animals, plants and the planet.
    > Vitality – Passion for health, wellness and emotional well-being.
    > Quest for Excellence – Good enough is never enough; we seek to be the best!
    > Gratitude – Daily practice of taking time to notice and reflect on the things we are thankful for.
    > Good Global Citizen – Socially and environmentally conscious, ethical and philanthropic.
    > Curiosity & Exploration – Lifelong learners.
    > Enlightenment & Joy – Collaboration-inspired play, fun and ease in everything we do.
    > Safety First & Self Care – Unadulterated, natural and healthy processes and ingredients.

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